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Glick\'s at Bondi

Glick\'s at Bondi Cheese Danish

Walking through the plastic PVC strip panels in the entranceway we see that on the right there is a display of various types of biscuits which you help yourself to with the tongs and pay per weight. I came in merely to perv and buy a bagel today but am lured by the selection of Jewish food on offer. Your Honour, I didn't mean to purchase but if you show me Gefilte fish, cheese blintzes and salmon patties you know I'm going to have to buy some. Indeed my husband who thinks I have just popped in to buy a couple of bagels simply rolls his eyes. I choose a few things and they pack them up for me. Things are ludicrously cheap with bagels at 90c-$1 each, gefilte fish patties for $1.60 up to a massive cabbage roll for the princely sum of $5.

Glick\'s at Bondi Salmon Patty

Spicy salmon patty ($2.25)

Taking these home, we have these for a leisurely lunch. In fact I wanted to just have the bagels but my husband is eyeing off the food and eagerly suggests these for lunch. I start with the spicy salmon patty ($2.25). It's so very good although very light in the spice. We don't even bother heating this up as it's so good cold. The salmon is prevalent in the delicious flakiness of it and it's surrounded by a bronzed crumb crust. but not smelly as some salmon can be. My husband is a fan of this. Nigella has a recipe for Salmon cakes which I am itching to try after this.

Glick\'s at Bondi Gefilte Fish

Gefilte Fish $1.60

I next try the Gefilte fish, deboned ground fish patties where the fish was traditionally ground together with eggs, onions and flour, matzoh meal or challah, and then stuffed into the skin of the deboned fish, giving it the name gefilte (filled or stuffed). Nowadays it's shaped into balls or oval patties and poached in a fish stock made from the head and bones of the fish. These are said to be popular among the Ashkenazi Jewish community. The patty, topped with a slice of carrot is beautifully soft and quite sweet in flavour although unmistakably fishy but in a good way. I adore it and wish I had 6 more. It's fairly light too but most definitely full of real fish.

Glick\'s at Bondi Poppyseed bagel

Poppyseed bagel 90c

I next try a Poppyseed bagel (90c). It's just as you want a bagel to be, chewy and dense and I can see why they churn out 70,000 of these.

Glick\'s at Bondi Raisin bagel

Cinnamon and sultana bagel ($1)

I save the cinnamon and sultana bagel ($1) for my usual treatment, toasted with strawberry jam and tasty cheese. I used to have a blueberry bagel with jam and cheese for breakfast at work every Friday as a reward for surviving the working week.

Filled bagel

Toasted Bagel filled with strawberry jam and cheddar cheese-try it before you knock it!

Glick\'s at Bondi Cheese Blintz

Glick\'s at Bondi Inside Cheese blintz

Cheese Blintz $2

I take a bite into the cold cheese blintz ($2) and almost spit it out. It's like eating a wet sponge. I heat this up and then try it and it's infinitely better. I'm sure we're meant to eat it warm as all of the excess water disappears giving it this wonderfully eggy crepe batter and subtle creamy cheese filling.

Glick\'s Cabbage roll

Glick\'s at Bondi Inside cabbage roll

Cabbage Roll $5

We try the enormous cabbage roll next ($5). It's stuffed with a tomato based filling of matzo meal with some hint of vegetables and herbs. There is a bitter taste to the filling that I can quite place and I don't particularly warm to it. I prefer rice stuffed cabbage rolls and whilst I enjoy the cabbage wrapping, I leave most of the filling behind.

Glick\'s at Bondi Inside cheese danish

Cheese danish $2.75

Savouries done away with, we're onto the sweets. The cheese danish, a favourite of mine although I am fond of making danishes, I am even fonder of eating them. It needs some heating and once it is warm, the soft sweet cheese filling is lovely against the pillowy soft icing laden dough.

Glick\'s at Bondi Rugelach

Rugelach or Rogelach ($1)

The Rugelach or Rogelach ($1) is a rolled cookie although it is more like a roleld pastry with a smear of chocolate side shaped like a mini croissant. it's not bad as a small snack but I admit I like cheese fillings best.

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