Working with Not Quite Nigella


Not Quite Nigella or Lorraine is available for recipe development, food styling, photography and writing as well as assisting in developing a blog and brand presence for established or new businesses via social networking tools. All images are available for purchase.

Not Quite Nigella receives over 250,000 unique readers a month and over 600,000 page views a month.

To collaborate with Not Quite Nigella please email

A variety of advertising or sponsorship opportunities are also available. Please note that all sponsored or advertiser content is clearly disclosed and advertising and sponsorship on the blog is run with complete transparency. Lorraine only recommends brands and products she believes in and there may be times in which she cannot work with a brand because of this. Thank you for your understanding.

PR, product placements and meals

NQN will only write about items that she personally likes or finds interesting. With product and restaurant reviews, she writes them honestly taking the good as well as the bad which means she will talk about the positive as well as the negative as that's what her readers value. Most meals are independently paid for and anonymously booked. Restaurant reviews cannot be sponsored.

Her personal preference is to do stories that are unique and different from other food blogs so if you have a unique angle on a product or something a bit left of centre, she would love to hear from you. She also loves interviewing people. Please note that she does not accept copy written by other people. Please do not send requests asking for her to discuss or promote upcoming events. That is not what a blog is about-it is about personal experiences.

Please understand most importantly that providing a product or experience will not influence the outcome of the story and it will be written honestly as editorial integrity is paramount.

Please contact her on info[at]notquitenigella[dot]com (replace the at and dot with @ and .)