Working with Not Quite Nigella

Let’s Work Together!

There are a few ways we can work together. You can access 500,000 unique readers a month or over 200,000 social media followers. Sponsorship allows the blog to remain viable and funded. Readers spend a long time on the blog with the average session time at over 5 minutes.

Sponsored posts: Sponsored posts are a way to reach an engaged audience through the blog and social media. Please email for a media kit and rates.

Social Media Campaigns: want to focus on Instagram, facebook, twitter or Pinterest? We also offer social media takeovers and consultancy.

Photography: We have a photo studio where we shoot images for social media campaigns and product photography. This includes styling, props and high res imagery and video. See Project.somewhere for examples of the work that we do. All images are available for purchase.

Recipe development: this is a large part of what we do. If you have a product that needs recipes developed for, including photographs and video then send us an email! Recipes are available for print or online license at a fee.

Press Trips: sponsored press trips are a way to feature destinations or hotels where you are guaranteed a commitment and timing of posts. Photographic packages are also available so that you have collateral to share on your channels.

Advertising: running ads works particularly well for a new product or event. This is also the most cost effective solution.

For all of the above queries and more, please email: