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I have to confess something to you now, something I'm not particularly proud of. Up until a few days ago I had never tried Ben & Jerry's ice cream. It wasn't for lack of interest or trying, but it's just not available here and when I've visited the U.S. it has been in the dead cold of Winter while snow was falling so ice cream wasn't high on my priority list. But when they contacted me to let me know of the new flapship store opening in Manly, Sydney (appropriately called a Scoop Shop) in October or November this year, I knew that this would be an exciting thing and my first order was to try the Ice cream - in the ever popular Cherry Garcia flavour of course! Don't worry Ben & Jerry lovers, your favourite flavours Phish Food, Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough will of course be available. Of course everyone knows that one member of the Ben and Jerry team had no sense of taste so he focused on the mouth feel of the icecream and as a result, Ben & Jerry's famously chunky ice cream was born! And I happen to be one of those people that loves chunky ice cream. In fact I'm terrible and often pick out the chunks from my ice cream. My long suffering husband will attest to that.

![Win 1 of 3 Ben & Jerry's Packs (

In my Ben & Jerry's cow print pack I received a pint of the Cherry Garcia which is heavenly and beautifully creamy and rich in chunks (I hate it when places are stingy with chunks). And I also received a rather cool Euphori-Lock which is a combination lock with a 3 digit code so that interlopers can't intrude on your precious pint so that it is yours and yours alone! I also got an adorable Ben & Jerry's pen where the ice cream scoops move into the cone and a Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Lip Balm in a mini pint form and fridge magnets. Yes life is good and even though I had a cold I scooped happily.

![Win 1 of 3 Ben & Jerry's Packs (

_My pint safely locked up! It says: I'm terribly sorry but there's no "U" in "My Pint"


But enough about me, thanks to Ben and Jerry's three lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will win one of these very same packs! Yes you too will have your own Pint of Ben & Jerry's long before the Australian launch as well as a pinch proof Ben & Jerry's Euphori-lock, Ben & Jerry's pen and Ben & Jerry's lip gloss and Ben & Jerry's fridge magnets.

![Win 1 of 3 Ben & Jerry's Packs (

Whee! The ice cream scoops slide into the cone...

**All you need to do is tell me whether it is Ben or Jerry that has no sense of taste and email your answer to: along with your name and postal address. The competition ends on the 19th of September. You can answer this once daily. Winners need to be within 20kms of Surry Hills to receive their goodie pack and it will be couriered during business hours so please keep that in mind when providing your address and calculating the distance. You can go to to help you work out the distance.

![Win 1 of 3 Ben & Jerry's Packs (

Safe in the fridge!

P.S. There's also a competition to help name an Australian flavour. The flavour to name is a goodie: malt ice cream with globs of peanut butter cookie dough and a peanut butter swirl! The winner will get to meet Ben and Jerry themselves who are coming all the way from Vermont and they will also receive a year's supply of icecream. You can also sign up on their website to keep in the loop about the Sydney opening.

![Win 1 of 3 Ben & Jerry's Packs (

Best of luck!




![Win 1 of 3 Ben & Jerry's Packs (