EASY 5 Minute Granita Ice!

Granita Easy Recipe

Granita is one of summer's biggest joys for a wonderful taste of Italy. It's simple, delicious and so easy to make. Here I show you how to get granita right every time. Plus serve this blackberry (or any fruit) granita with some whipped cream on top and perhaps some of the leftover Christmas panettone! This is a pushy recipe Dear Reader!

This is a super easy granita recipe. Usually you cook everything and blend it and then freeze it in a tray. The problem with this especially at this time of the year is that there is no room in the freezer.

I made this while clearing out my freezer to make room for Christmas dessert. We had a big bag of frozen blackberries that I had been steadily working through but this just used the remainder up perfectly.

To get that distinct icy granita texture make sure the fruit is frozen too. If you use fresh or tinned fruit you will get something smoother, more like a sorbet. It's still delicious but it doesn't have that lovely icy granita texture. The only thing that you need now is a layer of whipped cream. This is also a handy recipe to use up any left over panettone! Granita is served with panettone in Sicily.

Granita Easy Recipe

Other granita flavours: watermelon (a favourite of mine), lemon, coffee, almond, strawberry, lime, mango and pineapple. Any fruit really! For lemon and lime granita use 100ml/3.5flozs of liquid and use 500g/1.1lbs of ice cubes.

This was one of Mr NQN's favourite ever foods to eat and he appreciated all of my experimentation with getting juuust the right granita. When I said granita then he stopped what he was doing and his ears perked up and he go this look of excitement on his face. He loves ices and fruit and he could eat a whole tub of granita if I let him.

Sometimes Mr NQN doesn't listen to me. I've mentioned before about how I collect feathers. If I find a nice looking feather I pick it up and wash it and keep it. To me it's like a gift bestowed by the universe. I store them in the glovebox of our car and I feel like they give me luck when I'm driving and parking. In fact I call them my parking feathers because we need all the help we can get in that respect living in Sydney.

Granita Easy Recipe

The other day I found an enormous white and yellow feather and I picked it up. It sats on my bedside table for a few days. When we were about to go out I quickly ran back into the bedroom and said, "My feather!!". I slipped it into the glove box and we drove off.

When we neared the cafe it was pouring rain. The windscreen wipers were working overtime beating back and forth. And through the rivulets of rain there was a parking spot right outside the cafe! It was the parking feathers doing their job yet again! I know that Mr NQN thinks that I'm "loco" as he calls me but there's a method to my madness-sometimes!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have any good luck charms or tokens? Do you collect feathers? And what is your favourite granita flavour? Cream or no cream?

5 Minute Blackberry Granita

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An Original Recipe by Lorraine Elliott

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 0 minutes

  • 150g/5ozs. icing sugar
  • 350g/12.3ozs frozen blackberries
  • 250g/8.8ozs ice cubes
  • Whipped cream and panettone to serve

Note: If you have really big ice cubes (I do because they're better for drinks), place them in a ziplock and smash them with a meat mallet or your blender may not be able to grind them up.

Granita Easy Recipe

Step 1 - In a food processor or blender, blend the icing sugar, blackberries and ice cubes and process until icy. Halfway through, scrape down the sides if necessary. Spoon into glasses and top with cream and serve with panettone.

Thermomix directions: Place the sugar, blackberries and ice cubes in the Thermomix and set to speed #10 for 45 seconds. Halfway through, scrape down the sides if necessary.

Note: you can make granita ahead of time and freeze it. Then break it up with a fork before serving it (it should be very easy to break up and if you freeze it straight away, it may not even need forking).

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