Top 5 Cherry Tomato Pasta Recipes!

Top 5 Cherry Tomato Pasta Recipes

As summer lingers a bit longer and tomatoes are still sweet, try these 5 cherry tomato pasta recipes! Cherry tomatoes are perfect to accompany pasta and here are some recipes that pair them. There's a caprese spaghetti with burrata, a pasta shell bake, nduja corkscrew pasta with a roasted cherry tomato sauce, classic tomato crab spaghetti and of course the TikTok uunifeta pasta (but an upgrade!).

1 - Caprese Spaghetti with Burrata

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Top 5 Cherry Tomato Pasta Recipes

Got tomatoes and basil in the garden? Try this Caprese Spaghetti! This is what I like to serve for casual dinner parties. It's easy, super seasonal and yet a bit special too thanks to the oozy creamy burrata.

2 - Pasta Shell Bake

Top 5 Cherry Tomato Pasta Recipes

This pasta bake is perfect to make ahead of time and can be prepped the night before and then baked for 20 minutes just before serving! Lumache Giganti or giant shell pasta are filled with pesto rolled bambino bocconcini and a rich red wine tomato pasta sauce and cherry tomatoes!

3 - Spicy Nduja Fileja with Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce

Top 5 Cherry Tomato Pasta Recipes

This recipe came about when I bought a kilo of cherry tomatoes. I made a sauce to use up the tomatoes and paired it with nduja and fileja or corkscrew pasta! It is so deliciously simple.

4 - Tomato Crab Spaghetti

Top 5 Cherry Tomato Pasta Recipes

This is the recipe I make when I want to think of summer. It's so easy too! Garlic, XO chilli sauce, sun kissed tomatoes and crab meat are mixed with fine angel hair pasta to create summer on a plate.

5 - Uunifeta Pasta Upgrade

Top 5 Cherry Tomato Pasta Recipes

Do you remember when the world went mad for baked feta and cherry tomato pasta? The original is good but I promise this upgrade is even better! It has chorizo and onions to boost the flavour that much more.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite cherry tomato pasta recipe? Have you made any of these recipes?

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