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Last year I went to a launch party for Russian Standard held by a Russian Billionaire. Now please understand that I don't start off every post with a line like this and billionaires aren't my usual folk. It was held at one of the most expensive places to hold a function (on the North side of the Sydney Opera House under a huge marquee). Models in fluffy white hats slinked past and hors d'oeuvres laden with caviar and sashimi wafted past in lavish amounts. At about 9pm the Russian billionaire arrived and left a few hours later citing an early breakfast with Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch as the reason for not staying out later.

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I wondered to myself, how do they know each other? Do billionaires join a secret billionaire club and was rule No.1 "Please photocopy all bank statements and post them to us for verification"? And sure he may know Rupert but how does he know the kids and most importantly... what did they serve for breakfast? Caviar may seem a little extreme for an Australian breakfast (and he probably bathes in the stuff) but toast with jam or cornflakes seems like you haven't quite made an effort for your international guest.

perfect scrambled eggs
Tetsuya's Truffle Salt

Then a month ago I went to a cooking class with Tetsuya Wakuda and he taught us how to make scrambled eggs with his secret ingredients - creamed corn and ricotta. He taught us that the creamed corn and ricotta ensures that the eggs never turned rubbery even if they weren't eaten straight away. A unusual tip but when he gave us a taste of the eggs they were lovely and fluffy. I can't say that we tested whether they went rubbery after a while as we all quickly demolished it. My memory (a strange beast that it is) recalled my breakfast for a Russian billionaire dilemma and thought "Now I bet this would be acceptable to serve a billionaire for breakfast especially if you added some of that truffle salt!". It was something easy, casual but a little bit pimped up too and I used the truffle salt that he gave to us in our gift bag.

I have to confess that since then, we've made this about six times as it's a great easy brunch item but we have also had it for dinner as it's great for times when you just cannot be bothered with something beyond 5 minutes cooking. And although I've never had occasion to cook this for a freakishly wealthy person I feel better knowing that I have something up my sleeve, should any drop by in a helicopter.

So tell me Dear Reader, since I did some name dropping, tell me about a famous encounter of yours!

And don't forget, you still have a couple more weeks to enter the competition to win an all expenses paid place in the  Tetsuya Masterclass!

Tetsuya's Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Salt

Serves 2

  • 4 large free range eggs

  • 1.5 tablespoons creamed corn

  • 1 tablespoon cream

  • 1 tablespoons ricotta

  • 1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon oil for frying

  • Pinch of truffle salt (Tetsuya's truffle salt, optional unless you are serving it to a billionaire in which case it's mandatory ;) )

You will also need a non stick pan.

perfect scrambled eggs

Step 1 - Lightly beat eggs and creamed corn in a bowl and add cream. Heat tablespoon butter and oil in the frypan and cook on low to medium heat gently folding occasionally until almost done (do not over stir as it will become watery). Crumble over ricotta and fold gently and let the heat of the eggs melt the ricotta. Serve with an excellent bread (I used a Luxe sourdough) and sprinkle truffle salt on top.

perfect scrambled eggs

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