Top 5 Easy Pancake Day Recipes!

Top 5 Easy Pancake Day Recipes

It's Pancake Day on the 13th of February and I've got you covered for easy, tasty and healthy pancake recipes. From delicious Balinese banana pancakes, Norwegian pancakes, 2 ingredient Keto low carb pancakes to Moroccan Beghrir pancakes. There's also a savoury shallot pancake recipe!

1 - Balinese Banana Pancakes

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Top 5 Easy Pancake Day Recipes

These banana pancakes are among the most delicious and simple breakfasts EVER! Drawing inspiration from the classic Bali banana pancakes, you'll feel like you're back on vacation with these crispy, caramelised pancakes topped with slices of fresh banana and coconut.

2 - Norwegian Pancakes

Top 5 Easy Pancake Day Recipes

I know the photos for these are woeful and I really need to update them but I hope it won't put you off these Norwegian pancakes made with cardamom and sour cream. What I particularly love about these is the small bursts of sour cream when you take a bite! These are absolutely addictive and great for when you have a cup of sour cream left over.

3 - 2 Ingredient Keto Banana Pancakes

Top 5 Easy Pancake Day Recipes

Fitness peeps love my paleo or keto banana pancakes. These are unbelievably easy with just two ingredients: banana and egg! You won't believe how easy and tasty they are and that's right, they're also gluten and wheat free!

4 - Moroccan Beghrir Pancakes

Top 5 Easy Pancake Day Recipes

If you have a fondness for crumpets, these delightful Moroccan Beghrir might just be what you're after with their soft, spongy texture and honeycomb appearance. Beghrir are also much simpler to make than crumpets. They involve blending a batter and frying petite pikelet-sized rounds. The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the honey butter syrup generously drizzled over the top, with the holes absorbing all the goodness.

5 - Shallot Pancakes

Top 5 Easy Pancake Day Recipes

These delightful crispy shallot pancakes are loaded with scallions and coriander. This recipe yields light, crispy, and irresistible shallot pancakes that are perfect on their own or alongside some slowly braised meats or a salad!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you make anything special for Pancake Day?

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