Top 5 French Toast Recipes!

Top 5 French Toast Recipes

As the festive holidays linger on for a few more days, enjoy a breakfast of French toast! Here are 5 types all with very different and very delicious results! There's the world's best French toast (a copycat from a cafe with a cult following), French toast using Christmas leftovers, a crunchy textured French toast and two savoury French toasts!

1 - Cafe Aaliyah's BEST EVER French Toast

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Top 5 French Toast Recipes

I am starting with one of my very favourite French toast recipes and it's one that I first tried in Tokyo. Cafe Aaliyah is famous for its French toast and once you try it you'll know why. But there's a little trick behind how you get it that ridiculously soft that I figured out after trying several times (seriously I worked on seven batches of this French toast!)!

2 - Pannettone French Toast

Top 5 French Toast Recipes

Ok I hear you, you've worked your way through your pannettone and it's getting a bit stale. So that makes it perfect for French toast! This one has a surprise of dark chocolate inside it because adding chocolate to anything makes it better!

3 - Artichoke & Caramelised Onion French Toast

Top 5 French Toast Recipes

Not all French toast is sweet. Try this wonderful savoury French toast with sweet, caramelised onions, marinated artichokes, ricotta bechamel and two kinds of cheese! Inspired by a breakfast in Dawson City, Yukon this is sublime and delicious!

4 - Cornflake French Toast

Top 5 French Toast Recipes

This cornflake French toast combines two easy to find supermarket staples (cornflakes and brioche burger buns) to create the most delicious, crunchiest French toast!

5 - Cream Cheese and Salmon French Toast

Top 5 French Toast Recipes

I'm finishing off with the easiest French toast that you may not even have to buy special ingredients for. It came out of a family recipe book and sandwiches two slices of bread with an inner filling of cream cheese which lends it perfectly to sweet or savoury French toast (I made it savoury with smoked salmon but also suggest ham if you have some Christmas ham).

So tell me Dear Reader, which French toast do you like the sound of the best?

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