A Room With A View - Celsius Coffee Co., Kirriblli

Celsius Kirribilli

The compact Celsius cafe perched on Kirribilli's wharf has a menu that may have you wanting to cross the oceans for (literally, Sydney Harbour). There are coffees and a delicious range of breakfast and brunch dishes. All with a million dollar view.

Celsius Kirribilli

"Well it is awfully pretty here," says Nina, half surprised, half grudgingly. For a woman who makes it a habit of never visiting a place more than 10kms from her apartment near Centennial Park I wonder if it's the start of something. Then she starts singing, "It's a whole new world...".

Celsius Kirribilli

To get to Celsius, you park on Holbrook Avenue and walk down the rampway to Kirriblli wharf, a tiny box above the water near the ferry stop. The rain is constant on this summer's day, the sky grey but that almost makes this much more welcoming. During a Summer's day you might want to fling the windows open to let in the sunshine whereas grey skies make you want to nurse a coffee and daydream.

Eggs are always a topic for jokes with us. You see every night Nina cooks her fiance Garth scrambled eggs. So much so that he begged her not to make them for one night. But as a vegetarian she loves getting her protein fix through them and I pointed her in the direction of Celsius's egg heavy menu. There are 7 dishes with eggs.

Celsius Kirribilli

It's fairly busy this Thursday with two dining sections. We take a seat in the furthest back area and look at the menu. There are two specialty coffees that get a whole description to themselves. Nina gets The Hitman as a cappuccino which is supposed to have a range of flavours although she didn't really pick up on them ("The coffee tasted like...coffee"-Nina). I have a chai latte which is really good I have to say, quite milky with a good amount of sweetness.

Celsius Kirribilli
"The Benedict" $19.50

My choice is The Benedict as I liked the sound of the yuzu hollandaise sauce. The two runny centered eggs are atop a slice of sourdough with raw almond dukkah and three braised lamb pieces that are juicy and flavoursome. It's a very good variation of an eggs benedict.

Celsius Kirribilli
Billy's Eggs $16.50

But we both agree that Billy's Eggs is the business. It's vegetarian and they are chilli buttered eggs with sauteed cherry tomatoes, house made onion jam (serious yum) on a bed of Greek yogurt with burnt butter on sourdough bread and plenty of Celtic black salt flakes. It's so good I want to come back the following week for more.

If only I could convince Nina to cross the bridge again!

So tell me Dear Reader, how many eggs do you eat a week? And do you ever feel like coffee tastes like coffee (without the hints of whatever it may have)?

Celsius Kirribilli
Egg porn

Celsius Coffee Co.

Kirribilli Wharf, 1/2 Holbrook Ave, Kirribilli NSW 2061
Phone: 0431 344 991
Reopen after New Years on the 9th January, 2017

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