Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney

Cafe Lost and Found in North Sydney is dog friendly cafe where dogs are allowed inside (edited to add: dogs are no longer allowed inside). It also has one of the most eye catching interiors with lush greenery and Instagram worthy food.

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney

I furrow my brow as google maps takes me to 223 Miller Street. For years I worked in 225 Miller Street while at university where my funds supplemented my restaurant habits so it's funny to be back in the area, still related to eating of course.

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney

Sammie has reserved a table and do a double take when I'm led inside. You see here they allow dogs inside which is so nice, especially on windy, cold days. Edited 19/6/21: due to complaints, dogs are no longer allowed inside.

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney

The Cafe Lost and Found menu is long. Six pages long in fact. There are hot drinks, cold drinks, small snacks, regular snacks, big dishes etc. The menu's most popular dishes are marked on the menu with flowers. Ordering and paying is done at the counter (and they accept Dine NSW vouchers).

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney

But let me talk to you about the setting. It's pretty damn gorgeous. As someone that loves greenery but was not blessed with a green thumb (I kill cacti), I love lush greenery and there's plenty of it here. At last count there were 4 other dogs in the cafe.

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney
Sparkling Peach Iced Tea $8.50, Flying Colours Sparkling $8.50

We start with drinks, a peach iced tea for Sammie that is flavoured with peach puree and a Flying Colours sparkling for me that is very lightly sparkling with a light rose flavour to it and petals inside. We both like that the soft drinks aren't overly sweet.

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney
Signature Prawn Pasta $25.80

The signature dish is the prawn pasta. There's a giant garlic king prawn on top and a roll of house made fresh linguine pasta and pieces of prawn with a sauce made of lobster bisque, cherry tomatoes and zucchini.

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney
Benedict Joy $22.50

However I'm a much bigger fan of the Benedict Joy that comes with a choice of smoked salmon, bacon or pulled pork. I definitely recommend the pulled pork, for its luscious sticky texture. It's not like tangy American pulled pork, its territory is more in Asia but it's fantastic with a luscious, sticky texture. The dish is creamy and luscious with smooth hollandaise, two perfectly cooked eggs, smashed avocado, spinach, pumpkin seeds and black sesame seeds. I was honestly worried that this was a case of food being made more for Instagram than for taste because it is so pretty but it isn't.

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney
Mochi time $12.80

Sammie has never tried Mochi before and I love the stuff so we ordered a serve of the dessert mochi. I should have asked for this to come out last because by the time we eat our mains and get to this it's not as soft as it once was. The mochi is deep fried and served with fresh fruit, flaked almonds and drizzles of sweetened condensed milk.

Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney

Afterwards we take the dogs for a walk at a nearby park but not before getting a photo in the canopy!

So tell me Dear Reader, does whether a place accepts Dine NSW vouchers make a difference to you? And how do you feel about dogs inside?

This meal was independently paid for.

Cafe Lost And Found

Ground floor, 223 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060
Monday to Friday 7am–3pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am–4pm
Phone: 0468 883 633

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