Wiggle It! Cha Ball, Burwood

Cha Ball, Burwood

A drive out to Burwood to try some drinks and soufflé pancakes? Sure! Wobbly, soufflé pancakes are topped with crème brûlée pudding that is grilled or topped with boba pearls. Drinks are like colourful rainbows at this small stand.

Cha Ball is located at the back of Burray Place Arcade off the main street of Burwood. Just follow your way to the back past shops like "Great chicken" and a pastel pink hued game store to the back where Cha Ball is tucked away on the left.

"I can't read the menu," says Laura putting the laminated menu close to her face. It's not because it's in Chinese but because the text is so tiny in a nearly indiscernible font. We finally settle on some drinks and two types of soufflé pancakes.

Cha Ball, Burwood
Pink Island Fruity Sparkling Water W Butterfly Pea Pearls $6.80

The food and drink does take a bit of time to arrive. The drinks come out first and the first one is the Pink Island drink which Laura really wanted because it's so pretty and matches her pink jacket. It has a variety of fruit, none particularly discernible and a whole lime although that is balanced by the sweetness of the drink. It's perfectly pleasant and a nice alternative to the creamy, milky drinks that we tend to order.

Cha Ball, Burwood
Purple Rain Mango Smoothie with Osmanthus and Butterfly Pea Pearls $7 (right)

I love the sound of the purple rain mango smoothie. Again it's hard to really tell what's in them and what the purple is as it tastes like a mango Weiss bar (albeit a bit less sweet). It's creamy and full of mango and really good.

Cha Ball, Burwood

While we're waiting we do the maths. They must be making a small fortune here but the only problem with the business model is that the pancakes take a while to make. At least 10 minutes wait is required before they call your name and you hop up to retrieve your jiggly, wobbly pancakes.

Cha Ball, Burwood
Brown Sugar Pearls Soufflé $8

We are careful not to wobble the brown sugar pearl soufflé pancakes too much and spot a girl whose pearls have slid off her pancake. "She's sad cos of the 'gram" says Laura. This has a creamy and salty sweet flavour to it and I love the brown sugar pearls on top for texture. This is also the best selling soufflé pancake.

Cha Ball, Burwood
Broiled Pudding Brûlée Soufflé Pancakes $8

But we're both more in love with the crème brûlée style pudding with a creamy, liquid custard torched so that it has a lovely grill to it. It's sweet with plenty of fluffy egg whites and it's delicate in texture too with a little bit of a toffee crunch on top.

Cha Ball, Burwood

So tell me Dear Reader, have you ever tried soufflé pancakes? Do you like bubble tea and if so, which flavour do you usually order and do you like milky or clear tea?

This meal was independently paid for.

Cha Ball

Shop 15B/127 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134
Open 7 days 12–10pm

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