Pucker Up At Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sydney

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sydney

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a glam bar down Tank Stream Way on Bridge Lane opposite Mr Wong's. The menu specialises in champagne and original cocktails as well as bite sized snacks.

"I can't follow google maps," I say helplessly to Ivy. While I can follow it while driving, when it comes to walking in the city I cannot figure it out. So like a lame-o I leave it to my friend who only moved here a few years ago to direct us because I am directionally challenged.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sydney

I follow her and it's only when we reach Pitt Street and Tank Stream Arcade that my muscle memory springs into action. "Oh it's down here," and I point towards Bridge Lane. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is by the people from Mjolner and Eau de Vie. There's no signage, just a discreet stand with a lip and bullet logo. The bar itself is designed like the barrel of a gun.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sydney

The bar seating is royal blue, peacock green and pink velvet and is relatively busy with work groups. The waitress asks us to take a seat and brings over the menu.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sydney

The first page are the "threesomes" aka three demi-sized cocktails with three bites. Then there are the cocktails and champagnes, giant cocktails for four as well as mocktails or low ABV drinks. The menu drips with words like "sate your appetite", "the climax", "finger licking good" and "satisfy your urges". We're interested in the champagne cocktails. These are priced according to the level of champagne that you order.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sydney
The Bang Bang Bellini (left) Nitro Sgroppino with Mumm Petit Cordon $18 each

I love my Nitro Sgroppino. Sure nitro is done everywhere and around us there are clouds of nitro spreading so it may be their thing. It's a Cosmopolitan cocktail sorbet with bubbles and both of us chose the Mumm Petit Cordon. Ivy's Bang Bang Bellini has white peach, pear, lemon and Mumm Petit Cordon.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sydney
Sticky pork belly, kohlrabi slaw, coriander, betel leaf hot (GF) (2) $16

As we had already eaten at an event, we just snacked on a couple of things. The pork belly bites are apparently their best seller and although it says the pork belly comes with 2 pieces we get 4. They're not bad although I much prefer my pork belly much softer and more melting in texture. These are also a big bite and require two bites which can be a bit messy.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sydney
Beef tartare, coriander, soy & wasabi, crispy wonton (2) $14

Out of the two bites we tried I preferred the beef tartare on a cracker with wasabi on the side. It's perfectly seasoned and tasty with lots of herbs on top. Although both of us aren't quite ready to order from the dessert menu or "The Climax"!

So tell me Dear Reader, are you a good map reader? Are you a champagne connoisseur?

This meal was independently paid for.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

6 Bridge Ln, Sydney NSW 2000
Wednesday to Saturday 12pm–2am
Sunday & Monday 5pm–2am

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