Top 5 Christmas Dinner Menus!


Top 5 Christmas Menus!

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1 - Italian Christmas Dinner

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Top 5 Christmas Menus!

My most popular Christmas menu ever is the Italian Christmas dinner. Food-wise it had several showstoppers like a turkey porchetta which was an experiment that worked beyond my wildest dreams to a last minute crab and leek lasagna plus the most sumptuous chestnut dessert!

2- Classic Australian Christmas Dinner

Top 5 Christmas Menus!

Australia does Christmas unlike our Northern Hemisphere neighbours. While they are enjoying snow we are sweltering in the heat and our Christmas reflects that. This classic Aussie Christmas dinner menu has a ham (char siu glazed), treacle wheaten bread, smoked salmon wreath, prawns with guaca-aioli and lots of salad from a festive Candy Cane Caprese to a Christmas tree salad!

3- French Christmas Dinner

Top 5 Christmas Menus!

How do the French do Christmas? Well the French have a similar Christmas to Australia although the climate is vastly different. French Christmases feature an abundance of luxurious offerings from oysters, prawns, foie gras and smoked salmon. The main event is usually a chestnut stuffed bird (turkey, pheasant or another game bird) and dessert is usually a buche de noel. There is also a Proven├žal tradition that involves 13 desserts. So we just had to try it of course!

4 - Everyone's Favourite Food Christmas Dinner!

Top 5 Christmas Menus!

Christmas is a time to be happy and it's also about everyone's favourite foods so one year I decided to ask everyone what their favourite dishes were and I made them! There was Peking duck, tuna tataki, oysters, dumplings filled with duck and angel hair spaghetti with crab and XO sauce.

5- Have yourself a COVID safe Outdoor Christmas!

Top 5 Christmas Menus!

In 2020 the idea of an outdoor Christmas isn't the strangest idea. This was one of my favourite Christmas menus. From the whole baked salmon tarator, dips, salads, cold lollipop drumstick fried chicken and white cherry pavlova it's a Christmas picnic to remember!

So tell me Dear Reader, what is on your Christmas menu this year? Have you tried any of these recipes?