Top 5 Christmas Cookies Part 2

Top 5 Christmas Cookies

It's Christmas cookie season and it's time to turn the oven on for some baking. I've got some creative cookie options for you including homemade Christmas Crackers filled with a ready to bake cookie dough as well as a surprise gift cookie! There are also cookies that will ensure a Santa visit, sweater cookies or the amazing Swedish cookie tradition of Sju Sorta Kakor! Let's get baking!

1 - Christmas Cookie Crackers

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Top 5 Christmas Cookies

Christmas and Halloween is when I get onto some low level crafting and I've got a fun one for you. Inside these home made Christmas crackers is the most delicious orange and cranberry cookie dough that is ready to bake! Learn how to roll these crackers and to make the dough.

2 - Santa's Favourite Christmas Cookies

Top 5 Christmas Cookies

I got this recipe for Santa's favourite choc chip Christmas cookies from a friend in Canada. Cailin's family only bake these at Christmas because they are too moreish to keep around all year long! So that in itself practically guarantees a visit from Santa Claus haha.

3 - Surprise Gift Cookies

Top 5 Christmas Cookies

I love surprises (well good ones) and these 3D cookies are shaped like gifts but hide a little surprise inside - mini m&ms!

4 - Christmas Sweater Cookies

Top 5 Christmas Cookies

OK I know we don't exactly have Christmas sweater weather in the Southern Hemisphere during Christmas but you can dream right? These sugar cookies are decorated with royal icing to make your Christmas that much sweeter!

5 - Swedish Cookie Tradition

Top 5 Christmas Cookies

I'm finishing off with the baby daddy option. The Swedish have a lovely cookie tradition called Sju Sorta Kakor where you serve 7 varieties of cookies. Cleverly, all of these cookies are made using the same vanilla shortbread dough!

So tell me Dear Reader, which cookie would you like to try?

For part 1 of the top 5 Christmas cookies, see here!

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