Top 5 Valentines Day Recipes That Will Wow!

Top 5 Valentines Day Recipes Wow

It's Valentine's Day soon and if you need a gorgeous Valentines edible gift that wows may I suggest one of these beauties? From the most delicious pancakes to wake up to a spectacular platter with pink cloud champagne to heart shaped puffy donuts there's something for every type of Valentine!

1 - Matcha Valentine's Pancakes

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Top 5 Valentines Day Recipes Wow

So maybe your Valentine is more into the breakfast or brunch thing. Wake them up with these glorious matcha pancakes with chocolate dipped strawberries and a white chocolate ganache!

2 - Wild Hearts Mille Feuille

Top 5 Valentines Day Recipes Wow

Double layer cookie cakes look spectacular but this Mille Feuille simplifies it thanks to the puff pastry and fluffy cheesecake type filling! Decorate with macarons and fresh fruit or flowers!

3 - Valentine's Day Platter

Top 5 Valentines Day Recipes Wow

Nothing is as impressive as a platter and hint hint this one requires very little effort, if you're more inclined to arrange than cook! And don't forget the Pink Cloud Champagne!

4 - Persian Love Cake

Top 5 Valentines Day Recipes Wow

This Persian Love Cake is something special. It's an almond and cardamom scented cake is brushed with rose syrup, layered with pastel pink rosewater buttercream and decorated with pistachios and edible roses!

5 - Bacon, Whisky, Maple Donuts

Top 5 Valentines Day Recipes Wow

Maybe your Valentine is more into the donut scene or a baconoholic. Well never fear because these Bacon Whisky and Maple Donuts are heart shaped and puffy soft with a delicious sweet and salty quality to them!

So tell me Dear Reader, what are you doing for Valentine's Day? Which item would you like to receive from your Valentine?

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