Top 5 Rice Pudding Recipes!

Top 5 Rice Pudding Recipes

There's nothing more comforting than a bowl of rice pudding to warm you up from the inside. And rice pudding isn't just rice pudding with these 5 variations of it! There's Teurgoule, the incredible rice pudding from Normandy, a divine Mexican rice pudding with candied chickpeas and lime zest, a Finnish Christmas rice pudding, a Moroccan rice pudding and for any rice pudding leftovers, rice pudding pancakes!

1 - Teurgoule

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Top 5 Rice Pudding Recipes

I'm starting with my favourite rice pudding. While the ingredients are simple: rice, sugar, milk, cream and spices, these are baked in an earthenware dish for five hours which produces a caramelised brown crust on top and a soft, aromatic and milky rice pudding underneath!

2 -Mexican Rice Pudding with Candied Chickpeas

Top 5 Rice Pudding Recipes

This is a close second for favourite rice pudding not only because it's so interesting. This is a Mexican Rice Pudding with Candied Chickpeas! The chickeas are poached in a cinnamon and star anise syrup and then there's a shaving of fresh lime zest!

3 -Finnish Rice Pudding and Mixed Fruit Soup

Top 5 Rice Pudding Recipes

Since we're currently in freezing conditions much like a Northern Hemisphere Christmas then may I suggest this Finnish Christmas favourite (y'all know that Santa comes from Finland right?). This is a simple but delightful way to serve rice pudding-I also suggest a scoop of vanilla ice cream too.

4 -Rose & Pistachio Rice Pudding

Top 5 Rice Pudding Recipes

This rice pudding has flavours of Morocco and if you're like me and impatient with stirring rice pudding then give a pressure cooker version a go! It will be done in about 10 minutes.

5 -Rice Pudding Pancakes

Top 5 Rice Pudding Recipes

Have leftover rice or rice pudding? Try this vintage recipe for rice pudding pancakes! It's such a clever way to use up leftovers.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like rice pudding? Which rice pudding recipe are you most likely to try?

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