Burger Point, Eastern Creek Quarter

Burger Point, Eastern Creek Quarter ECQ

Burger Point is a burger bar in Eastern Creek Quarter. They serve up a range of burger (of course!) as well as a menu with some Filipino favourites. There's a version of Jollibee chicken and spaghetti as well as some unique burgers like the Marvin Glazed served on a donut glazed bun!

I was at Eastern Creek Quarter to make a reel for their Winter Vibes promotion and decided to try out Burger Point. It ended up being one of my favourite meals there so I thought I'd share it here. There are Burger Point locations also in Wentworth Point, Marsden Park and Edmonson Park. We take a seat at one of the outdoor tables and I go in to order. Service is friendly and helpful and when I ask what is good the woman behind the counter recommends some things and then checks with the chef inside for confirmation. Mr NQN and I order two burgers and a Filipino style spaghetti. There's also halo halo drink which is tempting but we already have drinks from another store nearby.

Burger Point, Eastern Creek Quarter ECQ
Marvin Glazed $19

Burger Point's signature burger is the Marvin Glazed and it's quite a vision. It's two hand made beef patties, crinkle cut pickles, signature burger sauce, doughnut glazed bun topped with grated Cheddar cheese and maple bacon bits. It's a bit of everything flavour-wise but the flavour of the beef cuts through the sweet donut glazed bun. If you ever wondered what a Krispy Kreme beef burger would be like this is it. The cheese and donut glaze makes things a little sticky on the fingers but it's a very enjoyable burger.

Burger Point, Eastern Creek Quarter ECQ
MC Champ $17

The burger we both loved was the MC Champ. It's a milk bun filled with oversized crispy fried chicken thigh fillets, Hawaiian aioli, a square of panko crumb mozzarella, signature gravy and crinkle cut pickles. It's so lusciously juicy and the mozzarella and chicken have a lovely crunch with soft milk bun and aioli. The gravy is also excellent. Unfortunately this is a special so I'm not sure how long this will be available for.

Burger Point, Eastern Creek Quarter ECQ
Jolly BP Spaghetti $19

Just because we were curious and I always feel like fried chicken we ordered the spaghetti and fried chicken combo. Name a more delicious duo, I'll wait. This is 2 pieces of fried chicken, gravy and Jolly-BP Filo Style spaghetti which is a tomato spaghetti sauce with red skinned hot dog slices, crunchy crumbs and shredded cheese on top. The sauce is on the sweet side (they love their sweets in Filo cuisine). I really enjoy the fried chicken as it's well seasoned and wonderfully crunchy and modelled on Jollibee, the popular fried chicken fast food chain. The spaghetti sauce is a little too sweet for me although I do like the topping of the crunchy crumbs and I'm glad I got to try it.

So tell me Dear Reader, have you ever tried a donut burger? Have you ever tried Filipino spaghetti?

NQN was a guest of ECQ but all opinions remain her own.

Burger Point

T14/159 Rooty Hill Rd S, Eastern Creek NSW 2766

Hours: Open 7 days 10:30am–9pm

Phone: (02) 8664 3527

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