Top 5 Potato Salads!


Top 5 Potato Salads

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1 - Japanese Potato Salad

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Top 5 Potato Salads

When I lived in Japan I always bought the potato salad. It's unlike other potato salads and it's a wonderful mixture of mashed potato, diced potato, boiled eggs, carrot and cucumber with a distinct sweetness to it that isn't out of place. Here is my recreation of the classic Japanese potato salad!

2 - Jalapeno Potato Salad

Top 5 Potato Salads

NGL this jalapeno potato salad is the one I make the most often because it is a) simple and b) spicy. I use pickled jalapenos in this four ingredient potato salad but once you've made this, you'll make it again I promise!

3 - Olivier Potato Salad

Top 5 Potato Salads

I grew up eating this Russian potato salad and it's firmly one of my favourites. Potatoes are combined with peas, carrots, pickles and a creamy dill dressing for a wonderful side to any meat dish or a tasty lunch on its own!

4 - Pesto Potato Salad

Top 5 Potato Salads

If you've got an abundance of parsley this summer and have plenty of pesto try making this fresh parsley pesto potato salad! It's wonderfully fresh and like all potato salads, goes really well with all sorts of meat and seafood, especially with the parsley pesto.

5 - Bacon, Corn and Feta Potato Salad

Top 5 Potato Salads

This potato salad with bacon, corn and feta screams summer. The corn shucked off the cob adds such a wonderfully juicy element to potato salad and makes it so moreish!

So tell me Dear Reader, which potato salad is your pick of the 5? What is in your favourite potato salad?