Top 5 Glazed Ham Recipes!

Top 5 Glazed Ham Recipes

Are we thinking about Christmas hams yet? Let me give you some delicious food for thought with these 5 festive glazed ham recipes. I've got a delicious Ham glazed in honey mead, a pineapple covered ham, the easiest ever char siu glazed ham, a fragrant orange, clove and ginger leg of ham and a ham in root beer or Coke for something fun!

1 - Ham in Root Beer

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Top 5 Glazed Ham Recipes

Ever since I heard about a ham baked in Coke I wanted to try it but I love root beer more so I made it using that. The sweet soda and crust is a really delicious change from regular ham glazes and must be tried at least once.

2 - Ham Glazed in Honey Mead

Top 5 Glazed Ham Recipes

We had bought an excess of mead and that meant that our ham had the most delicious alcoholic sweet glaze. It is made using brown sugar, mead, mustard and chilli!

3 - Pineapple Glazed Ham

Top 5 Glazed Ham Recipes

This ham is a show stopper and does require a bit of time placing the pineapple pieces just so but when you bring it out in all of its glory it will be worth it! It's glazed with a pineapple jam and is perfect for our hot weather Christmas.

4 - Char Siu Glazed Ham

Top 5 Glazed Ham Recipes

OK do you want to hear something exciting? How about a glazed ham with just three ingredients? That's this char siu glazed ham and it's SO delicious!

5 - Orange, Clove and Ginger Leg of Ham

Top 5 Glazed Ham Recipes

This ham is all about Christmas flavours of orange, clove, ginger and marmalade. You can also slice up an orange to cover the ham too!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like having ham at Christmas? Have you already planned your Christmas menu?

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