Top 5 Healthy Lunches!

Top 5 Healthy Lunches

It's the time of the year when we're trying to eat a bit healthier after the rich food at Christmas and New Years. Start the new year with these 5 healthy lunch recipes. They can all be taken into work for a lunchbox friendly lunch, plus many of them are inexpensive to make too or are the perfect healthy dinner/lunch leftover scenario.

1 - Sardinian Minestrone

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Top 5 Healthy Lunches

If you follow me on Instagram you'll maybe have seen that I make a big batch of this Sardinian Minestrone for Mr NQN often for lunch. This recipe makes enough soup for a week and then some and it's hearty, wholesome and versatile - plus it's apparently the secret of a long living community in Sardinia. It's also inexpensive to make and I often make this without the pasta depending on my mood.

2 - Chicken Cacciatore

Top 5 Healthy Lunches

Chicken Cacciatore is one of those wonderful dinners where the leftovers double as lunch! Chicken thighs, mushrooms, capsicum, olives, and capers combine for a tasty and wholesome meal packed with flavour. And it's one of those dishes where it is even better the next day!

3 - Rice Paper Rolls With Roast Duck

Top 5 Healthy Lunches

Rice paper rolls are one of my favourite lunches and I always have a packet or two of rice paper handy. What I love is that they're very easy to make and versatile too. If you don't have roast duck, use roast chicken or salmon. I also make these replacing the noodles with salad for a lower carb version!

4 - Salmon and Greens Tray Bake

Top 5 Healthy Lunches

This is another recipe that I make for dinner and then have the leftovers for lunch the next day. The cold salmon is delicious in salads or just with the greens or on top of salad leaves.

5 - Beetroot and Feta Slice

Top 5 Healthy Lunches

These beetroot slice bars are savoury and were inspired by sweet beetroot bars! There's no oil or butter in this recipe but the balance of deliciousness is provided by the feta. They're so moreish that I urge you to give these a try. Oh and they're perfect to put in your lunchbox too.

So tell me Dear Reader, what have you been eating for lunch lately? Are you back at work yet?

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