Doughing It Right: Flour's Bread and Pastries Make Waves in Caringbah South

Flour, Caringbah South

Flour is a bakery located along Willarong Rd in Caringbah South. Owners Abbey Cadell and Jimmy Cameron formerly owned Grind Espresso in Cronulla and at the end of 2023 they opened up Flour. Here they bake breads, pastries, cakes and cookies from their climate controlled dough room on site. Find out what are the best sellers and must orders here!

Flour, Caringbah South

I've definitely read that it's always good to go to a meal hungry. But hangry? That's another matter altogether. It's almost 12:30pm when we reach Flour and I'm famished and hangry. We park outside and I silently hurry Mr NQN on who saunters through life at a leisurely pace. I've got some eating to do.

Flour, Caringbah South

It's busy at Flour, located at a former convenience store where the two owners Abbey Cadell and Jimmy Cameron used to buy lollies as kids. Bakers are busy in the climate controlled dough room overlooking the cafe. There is an eat in menu but it looks like a lot of people are feasting from the display counter. A tray of cinnamon buns with a creamy icing draped all over them rapidly diminishes before my eyes. There are also pretty Iced Vovo finger buns, cakes, cookies and topped focaccia.

Flour, Caringbah South

I go for everything that takes me eye which is dangerous stuff indeed when you are famished but the total only gets to $59. Then I add a custard tart (spoiler: it was 100% worth adding) and we take a seat outside at the bar.

Flour, Caringbah South
Sausage Roll $8.50+Relish 70c

Everything comes out quickly. There are three types of sausage rolls: pork, fennel and apple or beef, caramelised onion and black pepper or a vegetarian version with cheese and spinach. I opt for a classic pork with relish and it's good, a nice flaky puff pastry and a nice pork mince filling that could do with perhaps more fennel or seasoning but that's a personal preference.

Flour, Caringbah South
Euro Summer Focaccia $12

My heart firmly belongs to the focaccia, of which they have three toppings, a vegetable topped one, a margherita one and the spectacular Euro Summer focaccia. With peach, radicchio, stracciatella, parsley prosciutto and caramelised balsamic this is one of the most delicious ways to serve a crispy bottomed focaccia. I have plans to recreate this at home.

Flour, Caringbah South
Fougasse $8.50

While there are some breads left, when I see a fougasse hanging I abandon regular loaves in favour of this delicious bread. Their version is made with jalapenos, olive, rosemary, cheddar and salt and stains the paper bag with that luscious fat.

Flour, Caringbah South
Cinnamon Scroll $7

Sweets-wise we start on the domed cinnamon scroll that resemble a beehive topped with maple honey glaze - inside are layers upon layers of cinnamon sugar filling. It's good and I can see why it's popular and we take this home where we warm this up.

Flour, Caringbah South
Iced Vovo Finger Bun $5 and Canele $6

For nostalgia sake (and because it's pink) the Iced Vovo Finger Bun is a soft sultana studded bread with squiggles of pink buttercream, shredded coconut and house made raspberry jam. This is so much joy for just $5. The canele is a very good version of this technically very difficult pastry with a crisp outer and a soft and spongey interior.

Flour, Caringbah South
Custard Tart $7

And last but not least is the custard tart. Usually it's sold out by noon but they've just brought out a tray of these and they're still warm to the touch. The custard is wobbly and silky and the tart shell crisp with freshly grated nutmeg on top. And there is not a single regret as we fight over the last bites of this.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you always try and approach meals being hungry but then it turns into hangry? Which item would you pick?

FLOUR Coffee & Doughroom

277 Willarong Rd, Caringbah South NSW 2229

Open 7 days 7am-2pm

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