Pizza Perfection: Happy As Larry Rolls Out Neapolitan Pies

Happy As Larry Pizza Truck

Happy As Larry is a food truck with a following for their expertly turned out Neapolitan pizzas. Go for a classic pepperoni, diavola or margherita or try their lasagna pizza which has to be tried to be believed!

Happy As Larry Pizza Truck

"We should probably message ahead some order in case they run out and I'll die," Lucy messages me. She's talking about the lasagna pizza at Happy as Larry and she has been wanting to try it for months. Rumour had it that this unassuming little pizza truck makes some of Sydney's best ever pizzas. And if there's something that always piques my curiosity and hunger it's a pizza. And when you throw in a lasagna pizza too I'm there.

Happy As Larry Pizza Truck

It's a gorgeous sunny Sunday when we meet Lucy, Dan and Martin at One Drop Brewing, a craft brewery in Botany. We have brought Teddy and Milo along as the brewery is dog friendly. Towards the back of the brewery is the pizza food truck. We can see their enormous wood fired pizza 2.5 tonne Stefano Ferrara pizza oven oven sitting on the inside of the truck. Plans are underway for a permanent home for Larry's in Botany by owners Geoff and Bridget.

Happy As Larry Pizza Truck

Mr NQN gets us drinks and I love they've got so much more than beer here. He starts with a Hard Lemonade, the pitch perfect refreshing lemonade with 6% alcohol. Mr NQN also orders me a soft serve which is their beer mixed with banana and served as a soft serve which is just about the perfect antidote to the hot summer's day.

Happy As Larry Pizza Truck

At 1pm the brewery is starting to fill up so we go and have a look at the pizza menu. The regular menu has 8 selections (4 classics, 4 signatures) plus there are two specials that day. It's a given that we are trying the lasagne pizza but I also fancy up the Diavola pizza with burrata and nduja. The prices for pizza are reasonable, starting at $15 for the classics. Their pizza dough is high hydration, slowly fermented for a minimum of 72 hours.

Happy As Larry Pizza Truck
Pepperoni Pizza $15

We didn't try Dan's pepperoni pizza but I thought I'd share what it looks like.

Happy As Larry Pizza Truck
Lasagna Pizza $20

The pizzaiolos at Happy as Larry were formerly at Gigi so they know how to turn out a perfect Napoletana style pizza with a thick, leopard print crust with an appealing softness and chewiness and thin centre. The lasagna pizza is topped with slow cooked beef ragu, parmesan cheese, fresh basil and a bechamel sauce that ties this all together. It's giving lasagna vibes most definitely and I'm very much in to this and despite my love of a Diavola pizza, I end up eating most of this.

Happy As Larry Pizza Truck
Diavola $20+burrata $10 + nduja $5

Normally I'd dive into the diavola with the San Marzano tomato base, fior di latte, Pino's spicy salami, pickled chilli, parsley and olives with my addition of nduja and burrata. And it's glorious, there's no doubt although slightly unwieldy to eat with the burrata spread out. Luscious, but unwieldy (and the best action is to fold each slice over). There's also a Nutella pizza for dessert but on a hot day the slushie wins out.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite food truck? Have you ever tried a lasagna pizza?

This meal was independently paid for.

Happy As Larry Pizza Truck

Happy As Larry Food Truck

Happy as Larry pops up regularly at One Drop Brewing and at Pioneer Park in Malabar but follow them on Instagram to see where they will be next.

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