Thai Tea and Treats: Khamwan's Colourful Concoctions in Enmore

Khamwan Thai Dessert Enmore

Khamwan Thai dessert on Enmore Road serves up a small but delicious range of Thai desserts and is a business run by two sisters Pat and Aae. Pop in for a mango sticky rice or their signature Ruam Mit dessert or just a Thai milk tea or lemon tea.

Khamwan Thai Dessert Enmore

Monica and I were living our best lives. After having some delicious pizza, we decided to hop in her car and drive to Khamwan Thai desserts, a place that she had found on Instagram. We arrive at 6pm (and yes we ate our pizza early, it's our thing) and it's quiet at the dessert eatery on Enmore Road.

Khamwan Thai Dessert Enmore

The two sisters Pat and Aae have been making Thai desserts for years at Thailand's busy Chatuchak market. The name Khamwan is made up of two words. Kham is like a bite and Wan means sweet. The restaurant is cutely outfitted with a cart at the front and a display of the colourful additions that make up Thai desserts. It's hard to choose what to order so Monica and I order four of their best sellers knowing that we have two dessert loving guys at home that will happily devour what we can't eat.

Khamwan Thai Dessert Enmore

The menu has a range of desserts to traditional Thai desserts to fat wedges of Thai toast with toppings like classic brown sugar, pandan and Thai milk tea. A lot of the desserts are gluten free and vegan using coconut milk and vegetables.

Khamwan Thai Dessert Enmore
Tab Tim Krob $9.90

The menu also has a description of each of the traditional desserts in case they are new to people. The iced red rubies or Tab Tim Grob are made up of small pieces of crunchy water chestnuts rolled in a red tapioca gel. Here they are served with a mound of shaved snow ice with a pandan infused coconut milk. This is refreshing because of the ice but it is also much sweeter than the other desserts and possibly too sweet for me.

Khamwan Thai Dessert Enmore
Ruam Mit $15.90

Their signature dessert the Ruam Mit has a little bit of everything from their house made coconut ice cream (vegan) with Tab Tim Krob or red rubies, sticky rice balls (bua koy), sago, corn and a drizzle of Thai coconut milk. This dessert isn't particularly sweet which I really like and it's best when you get a spoonful of everything in each bite.

Khamwan Thai Dessert Enmore
Mango Sticky Rice $15.90

The are tubs of mango sticky rice available for takeaway but if you eat in they present it on a plate with coconut ice cream and cut the mango fresh to order. Now that it is mango season we decided to try it and it comes with two scoops of sticky rice with toasted desiccated coconut and coconut ice cream dusted with taro powder.

Khamwan Thai Dessert Enmore
Bua Loy $10.90

I knew that the bua loy was going to be my favourite because I love warm sweet soups with coconut milk. These are rice flour balls in five colours - the colours are naturally derived from sweet potato, taro, pumpkin, beetroot and pandan. With scoops of fresh young coconut and a sweet coconut milk soup this is utterly moreish. And while I bring some of the other desserts home to Mr NQN, I finish this one myself!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like Thai desserts? Do you have one that you always order?

This meal was independently paid for.

Khamwan Thai Dessert Enmore


147 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042

Wednesday & Thursday 5–9 pm

Friday 5–10 pm

Saturday 2–10 pm

Sunday 2–9 pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Phone: 0451 942 662

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