Top 5 Chestnut Desserts!

Top 5 Chestnut Desserts

Discover the irresistible flavour of seasonal chestnuts with our top 5 chestnut desserts! From the delicate layers of Mont Blanc Crepe Cake to homemade Roasted Chestnut Puree, each recipe promises rich chestnut flavours. Try the unique texture of Fondant à la Châtaigne and the rewarding process of making Marron Glacés from scratch. Lastly, savour Chestnut Cream Cake inspired by a cake I ate in Italy. Dive into chestnut paradise with these delicious treats!

1 - Mont Blanc Crepe Cake

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Top 5 Chestnut Desserts

This chestnut and whipped cream crepe cake is one of my favourite cakes ever. Each paper thin crepe is spread with chestnut puree and stacked high. It will bring back memories of Europe!

2 - Roasted Chestnut Puree

Top 5 Chestnut Desserts

The foundation for so many chestnut desserts is sweetened chestnut puree and did you know that you can make it yourself at home especially as chestnuts are in season (and the puree is on the expensive side!).

3 - Fondant à la Châtaigne or Chocolate Chestnut Fondant

Top 5 Chestnut Desserts

With just four ingredients and a whisk, you can create Fondant à la Châtaigne. This Corsican chestnut delicacy has a unique texture that sets it apart from any other cake you've ever tasted.

4 - Marron Glacés

Top 5 Chestnut Desserts

If you love chestnuts then you have to try making marron glaces at least once in your life. These candied chestnuts take time and patience and are delicious too! I call them well rewarded madness.

5 - Chestnut Cream Cake

Top 5 Chestnut Desserts

This chestnut cream cake was inspired by a cake I once ate in Italy. Picture a chestnut shortbread base topped with layers of meringue, whipped cream speckled with marron glaces, sweetened chestnut cream, and a luxurious whole marron glacé adorned with delicate gold leaf!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like chestnuts? How do you cook with them?

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