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For dinner, they have a menu formule: 2 courses for €19.50 or 3 courses for €25.50 and one is allowed to choose any of the dishes from the menu. We ask what is good and they point out what they're known for. It's hard to choose but we finally settle on the our selections, one that has our host worried, the Calves' head. "Have you tried this before?" he asks hesitatingly. "No but we want to" we answer firmly. He laughs and says "Well I love this, it's very good. It's a Parisian only dish. Most chefs in Paris come from from all over but this one is originally from Paris itself. Tell me if you don't like it though". We promise to.

Le Mesturet amuse bouche

Amuse Bouche-pork and egg omelette

We pop in some of the complimentary appetisers, a pork and egg omelette. It's tasty, and we're glad that we tried this as other tables received olives. The crunchy French bread arrives just before our entrees do.

Le Mesturet eggplant

House specialty: grilled eggplant, tomato and goat's cheese from Artisanal cheesemaker Lethielleux

The eggplant salad is enormous for a starter and our eyes widen when it approaches the table. The eggplant is soft and the tomato and goat's cheese good although this is a fairly safe dish and similar to one that we've had at home often.

Le Mesturet rabbit terrine

Slowly simmered rabbit terrine

The rabbit terrine is lovely, full of rabbit meat and delicious with the toasted baguette. It doesn't have that strong rabbit smell which I dislike and I am glad that we ordered this.

Le Mesturet duck

Slow cooked duck from the Jeansarthe farm, shredded, topped with a layer of puréed potato

The shredded duck "pie" topped with mashed potato is lovely and heady with a judicious amount of red wine added to it. We often find that red wine is often abused and overused in cooking but this has just the right amount added to it.

Le Mesturet calves head

Tête de veau (calves' head)

And of course the dish that you've been wanting to know about, the Tête de veau is soft and unctuous, simmered until fall apart soft. The meat and soft jelly like ring of fat is mild tasting and when the cornichon remoulade added, gives it that added extra. It's said to be a favourite dish of Jacques Chirac and takes about 5 hours to cook and must be fully cooked (never undercooked) and allowed to cool completely once it has finished cooking, otherwise it will explode.

We desperately wanted to order the Baked Apricot and lavender dessert with violet ice cream but they're out of Violet ice cream which was the component that really intrigued me. No matter anyway, we're both stuffed from the delicious meal and hearty serves. We're given a friendly farewell, if only we lived locally (we don't!) this would be our local restaurant.

Le Mesturet Paris

Le Mesturet

77 Rue de Richileu, 2nd arrondisement Paris

Open: Monday - Saturday 12pm-3pm, 7-10.30pm