Pancake Soup

Pancake Soup

My friend M is a fantastic cook. Every time I go to her place for a meal, I know I'll be treated to something delicious and often it will be a dish from her homeland of Austria. When we visited the Austrian Club with her, my eyes wandered to an item on the menu that sounded like something I just had to try: Pancake Soup. M insisted that it was so easy to make and promised to make it for me the next time we came over. And because she's Austrian, she's reliable and doesn't forget promises and a few weeks later, we found ourselves being invited over to have some Pancake soup.

Apparently Pancake Soup (or "Frittaten Suppe") is just made from leftover pancakes from dessert the night before. Austrian pancakes are thinner than American pancakes or flapjacks, they're more like an ever so slightly thicker crepe and are served for dessert spread with jam and rolled up. The next day, they have the added advantage in that they are also easier to slice.

Pancake Soup

The soup itself can be any clear broth, but she insists that it should not be a creamy soup. And indeed when I taste it, I think it's just perfect the way it is. It's reminiscent of pasta in a soup but with that added unmistakable pancake flavour and you may find yourself making batches of this when a simple yet fulfilling light meal is required. And you know that kids will love it, just add pancake into the title of anything and they'll swarm. Which is why you should most certainly keep a stash of it for yourself.

Pancake Soup ("Frittaten Suppe")

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For Pancakes or Crepes

  • 105g (¾ cup) plain flour

  • 3 eggs

  • 2 tablespoons oil

  • 180ml (¾ cup) milk

For Soup:

  • Chicken broth

  • Chopped chives

Step 1 - These two steps can be done the night before. Sift flour into bowl, make well in centre, add eggs and oil. Stir flour in from sides with a fork or whisk. Add milk a little at a time, beating until smooth. Pour into a jug and stand for 1 hour.

Pancake Soup
Pancakes or crepes sliced into thin strips

Step 2 - Heat pan, grease lightly on low to medium heat. Pour a few tablespoons of batter into pan from the jug, work quickly and turn the pan so that the batter coats pan evenly but not too thickly. Cook slowly, loosening edges with knife, until set and lightly browned underneath. Turn and cook other side. Repeat with remaining batter. Cool pancakes and once cooled, slice into thin strips, between the width of linguine and spaghetti.

Pancake Soup

Step 3 - Place strips into individual bowls and spoon over hot, perfectly seasoned chicken broth. Sprinkle over some chopped chives and serve.

Pancake Soup

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