Pawsitively Delicious Organic, Additive Free Dog Sweet Potato Treats!

Dog Treats Sweet Potato No Additives

If you want your dog to snack on healthy treats made without any added flavours, preservatives or additives, try these super simple sweet potato treats! Your pup will love this fibre and vitamin rich snack!

When I made these on my Instagram stories I got so many messages asking me about how to make these. These sweet potato treats have no additives, no nothing (just added love). They're just sweet potato leather chews that are baked or dehydrated. The best thing is that dogs love them as much as you will feeding them these.

Dog Treats Sweet Potato No Additives

Sweet potato is a good vegetable to feed dogs as it gives them vitamins A (for eyes, muscles, nerves, and skin), B6, C (helps with immune, hip dysplasia and arthritis), calcium (puppies need more calcium than older dogs), potassium (assists in nerve impulses, brain function, muscle activity and heart function) and iron (anaemia).

Dog Treats Sweet Potato No Additives

I didn't intend to make these for the blog but over the last few months I'd had quite a few people message me about how to make them. I've been making these for Teddy for months now and he adores them.

Dog Treats Sweet Potato No Additives

We give Teddy one of these sweet potato leathers to chew on when we go out. He loves them so much that they're a treat he takes to his crate to enjoy in private without being disturbed. We also give him a paper towel core stuffed with dry food that he has to figure out how to open up. The benefit to the sweet potato treats apart from the health benefits is that unlike stuffed paper towel cores is that there is no mess at all because sometimes he's like a human paper shredder. He can't stop chewing because he just turned six months old and he has the last of his puppy teeth.

Dog Treats Sweet Potato No Additives

So he is biting everything he can especially late at night after his last walk when we are trying to wind down. At puppy pre school we were told to turn our backs to him when he does that but all he does them is try to bite our bottoms!

I came up with the "bright" idea of giving him a little nip back. I didn't bite hard obviously and because he has a thick layer of fur that didn't really work. I also felt a bit silly chomping on him. All he did was look at me like, "Mummy, you're crazy..." and then chewed on my finger!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have any favourite dog treats? Do you have any teething tips?

Dog Treats Sweet Potato No Additives

Healthy Dog Sweet Potato Treats

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An Original Recipe by Lorraine Elliott

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 40 minutes-4 hours (oven vs dehydrator)

  • 1 organic sweet potato

Dog Treats Sweet Potato No Additives

Dog Treats Sweet Potato No Additives

Step 1 - Mandolin your sweet potato on the #2 or medium setting (you can also do this with a sharp knife). Place in a dehydrator until leathery in texture OR bake these in a 150C/300F on a parchment lined sheet for 30-40 minutes until leathery in texture. Turn over half way to dry out both sides.

Dog Treats Sweet Potato No Additives

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