Top 5 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Top 5 Sweet Potato Recipes

If you've got sweet potatoes growing in your garden, chances are they're going wild at the moment! So here are some healthy sweet potato recipes for you to get more vegetables in your diet. From sweet potato nachos, to a roasted sweet potato salad to sweet potato "Hokkien" noodles. Or try the most moreish sweet potato and kale salad or sip a sweet potato latte!

1 - Sweet Potato Noodles

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Top 5 Sweet Potato Recipes

We all love Hokkien noodles but did you know that you can use sweet potatoes in place of the noodles? They'll add vegetables to your diet in the most delicious way!

2 - Sweet Potato Nachos

Top 5 Sweet Potato Recipes

Everyone loves nachos but how about sweet potato nachos? During a trip to the Blue Mountains, I whipped up a batch of these delicious sweet potato nachos that were so tasty that I immediately planned to make another. Packed with veggies and beans, they're full of flavour!

3 - Sweet Potato Salad

Top 5 Sweet Potato Recipes

So we've all had potato salad but how about a sweet potato salad with Asian flavours like sesame! The sweet potatoes are roasted until sweet and caramelised and they really lend themselves to this healthy salad.

4 - Sweet Potato Latte

Top 5 Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potato latte is a popular Korean drink also known as Goguma latte. It is made with milk, sweet potato and maple syrup and is so delicious and comfortingly easy. You can also make it dairy-free by using coconut milk!

5 - Sweet Potato and Kale Salad

Top 5 Sweet Potato Recipes

Y'all know how much I LOVE salad and I eat it every day. And when I was in Hawaii I became obsessed with this sweet potato and kale salad from Foodland! It's the perfect mix of textures and flavours. This might be the most moreish salad ever.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you grow sweet potatoes? How do you usually cook them?

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