Top 5 Pickle Recipes!


Top 5 Pickle Recipes

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1- Pickled mushrooms

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Top 5 Pickle Recipes

If you're foraging this winter or have an excess of mushrooms please give this pickled mushroom recipe a go. It's simple and gives a wonderful way to serve and preserve mushrooms. So much so that I always make sure to pickle some to add to salads or on make mushroom toast!

2- Pink Pickled Eggs

Top 5 Pickle Recipes

Is there anything more striking than these pink pickled eggs? Add a pop of colour to your salad with this naturally coloured eggs. These use beetroot to give them this deep pink hue!

3- Zucchini Pickles

Top 5 Pickle Recipes

These zucchini pickles are one of the most used recipes on the blog and they come from a Dear Reader Jaqi's mum. The pickles are divine and can be added to so many dishes!

4- Quick Cucumber Pickles

Top 5 Pickle Recipes

This is a 5 minute pickle recipe that I love knocking up to add to salads or to add to grazing plates. The recipe was part of a turkey burger recipe and it makes for absolutely wonderful pickles. It is one of my favourite ways to use up cucumbers too!

5- Pickled Capsicum Or Bell Peppers

Top 5 Pickle Recipes

Perfect for a plgouhman's platter, you can use any colour of capsicum or bell pepper to make these sweet sour pickles!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like pickling? What is your favourite pickle to eat?