Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes!


Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes

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1 - Pumpkin & Bacon Pasta Sauce

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Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes

Dear Reader, do you know how I have pushy recipes? That is, recipes I urge you to make. This pumpkin and bacon pasta sauce is one of my pushiest! It's a delectably creamy pumpkin and bacon sauce that is ridiculously tasty. I hope you'll give this a try!

2 - Caramelised Pumpkin Wedges with Seeds, Nuts & Herbs

Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes

I absolutely love serving pumpkin this way. It can easily be made veganable and is SO tasty! Big wedges of pumpkin are roasted skin on and then topped with nuts, seeds and herbs to give them extra crunch and flavour!

3 - Four Cheese Edible Pumpkin Bowl Fondue

Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes

Who says that you have to go out to eat to have a) fun or b) fondue? This pumpkin fondue uses a whole baked pumpkin and fills it with a delicious four cheese filling! You use chunks of pumpkin to dip into the cheese sauce!

4 - Pumpkin Spice Choc Chip Cookies

Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes

I promised a sweet recipe and you definitely want to try these pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies when you have a bit of leftover pumpkin (half a cup will do!). These easy, delicious oversized cookies have a crisp outer and a soft, chewy centre!

5 - Roast Pumpkin With Feta

Top 5 Pumpkin Recipes

A classic roast pumpkin recipe, the pumpkin is cut into chunks and roasted with honey, chilli and sesame seeds with crumbled feta. Everyone loves it as a side and I often make a big batch and add it to salads too.

So tell me Dear Reader, are you a pumpkin lover? Do you enjoy it both sweet and savoury?