Top 5 Blood Orange Recipes!


Top 5 Blood Orange Recipes

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1 - The Spectacular Upside Down Blood Orange Cake

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Top 5 Blood Orange Recipes

I'm starting with the most popular blood orange recipe on my blog. Every blood orange season people from around the world make this spectacular upside down blood orange cake because it's visually eye catching but also simple to create this effect! I hope you'll try this cake at least once :)

2- Middle Eastern Blood Orange Cake

Top 5 Blood Orange Recipes

This cake is based on Claudia Roden's famous flourless orange cake. This cake has the most uniquely moist texture like a syrup cake but without syrup. This is also another cake that you have to make at least once in your life. Sorry, I'm pushy that way...

3- Sticky Honey Roasted Chicken With Blood Oranges

Top 5 Blood Orange Recipes

Not all blood orange recipes are sweet. This chicken tray bake is made with chicken thighs baked with parsnips, swede and sweet potato with a soy, honey and blood orange marinade. And pssst the gravy that it makes is incredible!

4 - Blood Orange Chiffon Cake

Top 5 Blood Orange Recipes

This cake is all about this current season. There are blood oranges of course which are available now but it is also decorated in cherry blossoms too. This chiffon cake is not dry at all and has a wonderfully moist texture to it.

5- Portokalopita Greek Filo Blood Orange Cake

Top 5 Blood Orange Recipes

This Portokalopita is a reader recipe from a lovely reader Stephen. It was Stephen's partner Shayne who originally contacted me asking me if I could sign a copy of my book for Stephen. He suggested Stephen's recipe for Portokalopita because whenever he brings it to work it gets rave reviews. And now that I've tried it, I can completely concur!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like blood oranges?