Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery

Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery

Luke Avenue in Redfern is a small batch cookie company that is a dream come true for sweet tooths. Huge, chunky, chewy cookies are delivered by express mail to your door to waiting and hungry mouths. They come in flavours like Triple Chocolate Salted Caramel, Biscoff Birthday Cake or Nutella stuffed salted choc chip!

Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery

HAngry Cookie*

Maddy Mikhail is the person behind Luke Avenue. The name came from when she went shopping for her first car to make deliveries and she found her car and a helpful car dealership on Luke Avenue in Auburn. The name Luke Avenue also helps business wise. "I felt like not a lot of people gave me a go because I was a girl so I'm going to push this boys name," says Maddy.

Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery
Maddy Mikhail

Maddy first started a few years ago baking cookies and cakes but found that when she used to catch the bus or scooter to deliver them that the cakes took a bit of a beating while the cookies stay perfect so she settled on cookies. "Also I just love the smell of the cookies and I've never had a cookie I didn't like." They bake their cookies every day and sell about 5,000 cookies a week.

Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery

A Luke Avenue cookie has a certain personality. It's big (literally, these are huge at around 10cm in diameter), bold and unashamedly chunky with names like H*angry, 99 Problems and Jordan Game 6. "It's always been street, it's Redfern." Redfern is an area close to Maddy's heart. Born in Australia to Egyptian parents she grew up in a financially challenged family living in Marrickville but then moved to Redfern. "I had a lot of help from the Redfern Community Centre. I actually couldn't afford to buy a car or the lessons but they gave me driving lessons for free when I was 22." This helped to propel her business forward and now she has stockists all over Sydney.

Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery

She hustled hard to get this list of stockists. "When I first started I got a lot of people, and I still do, telling me 'No'. If got five 'Nos' I wouldn't stop asking cafes to stock my stuff until I got a 'Yes' and that was the day done for me. Some of the people they liked my stuff but I felt, like they felt sorry for me (laughing). But then the customers came back for more. I'm very humbled by it actually," says modest Maddy.

Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery
Nutella Stuffed

So down to the cookies...what are they like? Chewy cookie fans rejoice as they are all chewy and gigantic cookies. Luke Avenue cookies range in price from $5.20-$6.50 a cookie and there are also gluten free and kid sized cookies as well as protein balls and brownies available. Express postage is $15.50 no matter how many you buy. The most popular cookie is probably the Nutella stuffed cookie with a salted chocolate chip cookie filled with Nutella. Maddy recommends microwaving it and the Biscoff stuffed cookies for 10 seconds before eating them to make the centres gooey.

Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery
White Choc Biscoff Birthday Cookie

I love anything with Biscoff spread and my favourite is the white chocolate Biscoff birthday cake cookie with a gooey Biscoff centre, big white chocolate chips and rolled in colourful sprinkles. There's also a dark chocolate version of this in the brownie Biscoff birthday cake cookie.

Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery
Brownie Biscoff Birthday Cookie

The H*angry cookie is a bit of a slight departure with a vanilla butter cookie base with white chocolate, coconut, macadamia and pistachio. And then comes my other favourite: a brand new cookie that is as decadent as it is dark. It's a salted caramel triple chocolate cookie so intense, rich and dark with a salted caramel filling. The salt that features on some of her cookies balances out the sweetness of the cookies and the cookies themselves aren't overly sweet which I like.

Luke Avenue Cookie Delivery
Salted Caramel Triple Choc

Maddy now lives 5 minutes away from her bakery in Redfern on Woodburn Street in Redfern. As for the Luke Avenue personality, "It was very grungy at the beginning. Now I'm going to express my girlyness and I want to embrace who I am."

So tell me Dear Reader, what is your dream cookie? Which cookie do you like the sound of the best?

Cookies were independently paid for.

Luke Avenue

13 Woodburn Street, Redfern, NSW 2016
0423 684 379

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