Top 5 Seafood Pies!

Top 5 Seafood Pies

There's nothing quite as delicious as a seafood pie! Fresh (or even tinned) seafood are baked in a range of pies from a sweet potato topped pie, a riff on one of Sydney's most famous fish pies, a healthy fish pie, a fish pie with crispy lemon mashed potato on top and the ultimate Tasmanian scallop pie!

1 - Fish Pie With Crispy Lemon Mashed Potato Topping

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Top 5 Seafood Pies

This is one of my favourite ever seafood pies, mainly because of the mix of seafood in it that remains tender while cooking but also because of the crispy, buttery lemony breadcrumb topping!

2 - Tasmanian Scallop Pie

Top 5 Seafood Pies

Hands up how many of us have tried a scallop pie while in Tasmania and been so enamoured that you wanted to recreate it at home? This is one of the most delicious pies ever-think buttery pie crust, tender scallops and a creamy curry sauce!

3 - Crustless Salmon Sweet Potato Pie

Top 5 Seafood Pies

While I usually use fresh fish and seafood this recipe was sent to me by Dear Reader Robbie who has sent me some lovely recipes. This uses tinned salmon and is so delicious and makes so much out of so little!

4 - HEALTHY Fish & Scalloped Potato Pie

Top 5 Seafood Pies

This is a healthy version of a fish pie with scalloped potatoes on top! The filling is deliciously creamy and yet uses no cream at all!

5 - The Ultimate Snapper & Scallop Pie

Top 5 Seafood Pies

If you've ever visited the Sydney restaurant The Boathouse and tried the snapper pie you'll know what a classic Sydney dish that is. As the restaurant is sadly now closed you can recreate that brilliance at home with this ultimate snapper and scallop pie (I added the scallops just because).

So tell me Dear Reader, which pie do you like the sound of the most?

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