Top 5 Halloween Parties!

Top 5 Halloween Parties

If you're celebrating Halloween this weekend then look no further for ideas! I love a Halloween party more than most so today I'm going to share with you my top 5 Halloween parties! There are many reasons why each is my favourite be it the food or the setting (the company is always good). Take a ghoulish walk down memory lane with me!

1 - Halloween at the Grave Digger's Cottage

Top 5 Halloween Parties

I feel as though this location for Halloween was my favourite because of the story behind it and how I felt like I was led here by spirits. I came dressed as a Voodoo doll which was my favourite ever Halloween costume. There was a crazy afternoon thunderstorm and the night finished with a quick run through a cemetery and Queen Viv scaling a brick fence in her mummy outfit!

2 - A Plague Infested Halloween at Quarantine Station

Top 5 Halloween Parties

Well who knew that this plague Halloween theme would come back to bite us in the ass? Thanks to the fun people at Quarantine Station we were able to host our Halloween party at one of their cottages. Mr NQN loved his costume which was a plague doctor-where was he when we needed him in 2020?

3 - Halloween in a Blood Red House!

Top 5 Halloween Parties

Sometimes you find a house that is just so damn perfect to hold a Halloween party that you cannot believe your luck. This Paddington mansion had blood red walls and an already spooky selection of paintings on the walls. It was a Haunted Mansion come true!

4 - A Stranger Things Halloween

Top 5 Halloween Parties

This Halloween will be remembered very fondly as my friend Valentina and I collaborated on this Stranger Things themed party. She's one of the most creative and generous people ever and when I couldn't find a location she offered her house as a party location! It's always a dream to collab with a like minded friend and it took the pressure off me when I was struggling to make a Demogorgon cake!

5 - Baby's First Halloween Party

Top 5 Halloween Parties

Last but not least was my very first Halloween party and the one that got me started on this crazy train down Halloween lane. It was held at our tiny one-bedroom apartment in Mosman and we had so much fun that we decided that Halloween parties would be an annual thing from now on and we haven't missed on since!

So tell me Dear Reader, what makes a great party for you? Have you been to many Halloween parties?

Top 5 Halloween Parties

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