Top 5 Rhubarb Cake and Tart Recipes!

Top 5 Rhubarb Recipes

It's spring that means rhubarb is coming into season! So what to do with this beautiful rubied vegetable? Cakes and tarts of course. Take your pick of these beautifully blushing pink rhubarb cakes and tarts that will wow you with their pink prettiness.

1 - Rhubarb, Ricotta and White Chocolate Cheesecake

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Top 5 Rhubarb Recipes

Have I mentioned how much I love rhubarb's pink colour? This rhubarb cake is my ode to the colour pink! It's a rhubarb, ricotta and white chocolate cheesecake with vanilla poached rhubarb on top!

2 - Rhubarb Chevron Tart

Top 5 Rhubarb Recipes

This rhubarb chevron tart drove me a bit crazy but I promise it's a show stopper. Place the rhubarb in a chevron pattern atop a crispy browned butter cookie base topped with a rich almond frangipane layer.

3 - Upside Down Rhubarb and Ginger Cake

Top 5 Rhubarb Recipes

This upside down cake is one of the easiest and prettiest ways to use rhubarb. This fluffy ginger butter cake has a layer of orange rhubarb and is as spectacular looking as it is easy!

4 - Rhubarb Meringue Cake

Top 5 Rhubarb Recipes

This rhubarb cake is a sky high pink and white swirled cake that you want to reserve for when you want to impress people. There's a thick layer of rhubarb cream plus a high pile of pink swirled meringue on top!

5 - Rhubarb & Raspberry Tart

Top 5 Rhubarb Recipes

This rhubarb and raspberry tart is all about beautiful textures. It's a crisp, sour cream pastry base filled with ginger and raspberry custard and rhubarb batons on top!

So tell me Dear Reader, which rhubarb dessert would be your first pick?

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