Meat Madness: Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ's Bargain Feast

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ, Burwood

In a city as expensive as Sydney there are still bargains to be had. Head to Burwood to Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ and get ready to grill! Each table has a rotating grill for you to cook a range of lamb, pork, chicken or beef skewers. Pair them with noodles, a side dish or opt for a money saving set that is incredible value!

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ, Burwood

"It's on the main road but down a little alleyway," says Sophia. I'm following her to Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ in Burwood. She has already been there before with her sister and shown me pictures of the grills at each table that turn skewers of meat in front of you. It is located just near Burwood train station and we take a seat and are handed menus. It's a meat fest here and sort of like a cousin to Korean bbq where you choose the meat and then you cook it yourself at the table.

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ, Burwood

On one side of the menu there are a few good value BBQ combos and Combo A looks good for the two of us. There are 12 lamb skewers, 6 chicken, 6 pork, 2 pork sausage and 2 chicken wing skewers with 1 side dish, 2 plum drinks and 1 ice cream for $50.90 which is $58.90 value. We also order a noodle dish. They also let us change 6 of the 12 lamb skewers to wagyu beef as they're the same price just so we can try a bit of everything. And since we've spent over $50 they offer us a free scratchie which I scratch off to reveal a free plum drink.

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ, Burwood

We take our seat and they start setting our table up turning on the grill and add another metal stand on top - that's for the skewers to rest once cooked. Sophia shows me the display of condiments on the right hand side of the counter along with the chopsticks and napkins. There's chilli oil, pickles, chilli powder and the one that you have to try: the cumin salt. This MVP of seasoning transforms every skewer, especially the lamb skewers.

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ, Burwood
Cumin salt

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ, Burwood
Wagyu Beef Brisket Rice Noodles $16.90

Within minutes our first dish arrives. It's the wagyu beef brisket rice noodles. These can be ordered dry (ie with the soup on the side) or wet. We order dry as the noodles tend to keep their texture that way instead of soaking up all of the soup.The wagyu is soft and melting and so full of flavour and there's also pickled vegetables. It's best tossed to mix up the sauce and the meat. It's very tasty and it is good to get a bit of a variety with all of the meat that we are having. The broth on the side is also flavoursome.

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ, Burwood

The skewers come out on a three tier bamboo tray. They start us off with the sausage and chicken wings because they take the longest to cook. Make sure to push the skewers into the other side as they will only turn if pushed in (and they do come a bit loose over time so keep an eye out on them). It's so much easier than Korean bbq as there is no turning needed or much attention paid as the skewers rotate. Your only task is to grab a skewer off when it is ready. You can easily see when they are done and all you have to do is occasionally glance down to check on them.

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ, Burwood

My favourites are the pork and lamb skewers, both having so much flavour and just the right amount of lusciousness and fat on them. The wagyu beef is as expected, a bit fatty but still very tasty especially when dusted with that cumin salt. The pork sausages and chicken wings are also good and the only thing that neither of us really go for is the chicken which doesn't have much flavour and as it is white meat, it can dry out a bit easier than the more luscious cuts. With the noodles we can't finish all of the skewers and it's a surprisingly generous amount of meat for a very reasonable price.

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ, Burwood
Sweet and sour radish

The side dishes are a mix of vegetables and meat ones including steamed chicken with chilli sauce or chicken's feet. We order the sweet and sour radish which is sweet, crunchy and refreshing, perfect for alternating between bites of meat and the plum drink does much the same cutting through the fat.

While the set menu mentions ice cream, they've run out but offer a plum juice as a replacement. Instead we opt for a side dish of pickles to take with us.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like cook yourself barbecues? And have you seen anything like this before?

This meal was independently paid for.

Yummy Guilin Noodle & BBQ

Shop 2/49-51 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134

Open 7 days 11:00-9:30pm

Phone: (02) 9715 3213

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