Mochi Mania: Le Mochi's Fresh Mochi, Burwood

Le Mochi, Burwood

Love mochi and crave that stretchy, chewy texture? Le Mochi is a store in Burwood Chinatown that specialises in fresh mochi served in a variety of ways from mochi balls filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit, fresh cut and rolled mochi in a cup or a skewer of three mochi balls drizzled in cheese foam with a Biscoff Lotus topping!

Le Mochi, Burwood

"There's a mochi place here I really want to try, it's Lesomething," I tell Sophia as we weave through the Burwood Chinatown building. There's a sweet shop on the ground floor called Lelesu but we take a look and are no mochi there. Despondent, I resign myself to no mochi. We decide to walk around and check out Sophia's favourite sugarcane juice shop upstairs. We climb the stairs past the neon lit signs turning in the breeze.

Le Mochi, Burwood

"Oh my god that's it! Le Mochi!" I say pointing to a blue sign. We head straight over where we see a display of mochi from savoury with pork floss to bowls of mochi to frozen balls of mochi filled with fresh fruit and cream. I don't know where to start, especially since I'd just resigned myself a few minutes earlier to not having mochi.

Le Mochi, Burwood

The woman behind the counter is helpful, telling me the most popular items and that's the rolling mochi, a bowl of fresh cut and rolled mochi in black sesame and soy bean powder or kinako. I order a bowl of those as well as a dango or ball mochi on skewers with Biscoff topping and cheese foam as well as mango snowskin mochi for mango enthusiast Mr NQN.

Le Mochi, Burwood
Rolling Mochi $5.50

I try the rolling mochi. I watched her cut and stretch some mochi from a large quantity of it. She cut it with a dough cutter and rolled half in soy bean paste and half in crushed black sesame and then placed two sugar eyes on top. It's delicious, the texture of the mochi so resoundingly chewy and appealing. It's also not too sweet so that you keep wanting more.

Le Mochi, Burwood
Biscoff Mochi $4.50

The Biscoff mochi is a different texture. This is firmer with larger balls, out of the two I prefer the texture of the walking mochi. The mochi balls aren't sweet at all and the sweetness is from the Biscoff topping with Biscoff crumbs and a brown sugar syrup. The cheese foam isn't really discernible. I think next time I'd go for a more Asian flavour but there were mostly Western flavours like Oreo and chocolate and I didn't see the matcha red bean one.

Le Mochi, Burwood
Mango Snowskin Mochi $5.50

The third item is the mango cream mochi. Again the concept for this is a thin mochi skin wrapped around a ball of whipped cream and fresh mango chunks. This is for when you love the texture of whipped cream with fresh fruit and Mr NQN devours this at home in two enthusiastic and large bites!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like mochi? Which of the three types of mochi would you pick?

This meal was independently paid for.


Second floor, Burwood Chinatown Building

133 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134

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