Top 5 EASY Corn Recipes!

Top 5 Easy Corn Recipes

We're in the midst of corn season now and what better way to celebrate it than with some easy corn recipes! I'll teach you the best way to cook corn, some easy corn soups, a super easy Mexican corn salad or a sweet corn dessert!

1 - How To Cook Corn

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Top 5 Easy Corn Recipes

A few years back, I discovered this method of cooking corn, and ever since, it has become my go-to way of grilling it. This technique locks in the natural sweetness and juiciness of the corn, resulting in the best corn on the crab. Curious to learn the process? Click the link above!

2 - Esquites

Top 5 Easy Corn Recipes

I love this esquites or Mexican corn salad. You can make it with fresh corn or if you're pressed for time or fresh corn isn't available, try it with tinned corn! This corn salad is incredibly tasty and an excellent choice for presenting corn. It complements meat tacos or any meat-centric main dish perfectly.

3 - 5 Minute Chinese Chicken and Corn Soup

Top 5 Easy Corn Recipes

Dear Reader, you're no more than 5 minutes away from the most delicious, warming bowl of Chinese chicken and corn soup with this recipe! This recipe is the easiest and if you have some spare egg whites, use them up in this egg drop soup!

4 - Sweetcorn Butter Mochi

Top 5 Easy Corn Recipes

Butter mochi cake is often linked to Hawaii, where numerous bakeries sell this delightful treat. Diverging from Japanese mochi made with pounded and steamed rice flour, the Hawaiian version is baked. Creating this cake is incredibly easy – a classic shake or mix and bake recipe. In my version I've added sweetcorn for added sweetness and flavour!

5 - Corn Potage

Top 5 Easy Corn Recipes

What exactly is corn potage? This soup doesn't get much attention in Australia or beyond Japan, despite its French origins. Potage, a thick soup or stew, takes on a unique form in corn potage, which is a creamy soup ,ade with sweetcorn. A staple in yōshoku cuisine (Western Japanese cuisine), this dish is simple yet luxurious, offering a comforting blend of sweet and milky flavours that is warming and delicious!

So tell me Dear Reader, which corn recipe would be your pick? Have you made any of these?

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