Wharfys at Mosman (a reprise)

There's something in me, as a food blogger, that means that I can't often go to twice to a place to eat. I guess I'm on the hunt and searching for the next blog post and next experience. However, when my sister was in Sydney from London recently I knew that she just needed to try the breakfast here at Wharfys and since it is near where I live, she could combine it with a visit.

Wharfys at Mosman

She's not a great fan of eggs however, having a morbid fear of raw eggs (I don't like raw eggs either, the omnipresent dish Eggs Coccotte nauseates me) so I had to convince her that their poached eggs would indeed be cooked enough for her. Just to be safe I ordered the Eggs Benedict ($14.50) , she ordered the Fish and Chips $13.90 (well we were right next to the wharf), Rose ordered the Nasi Goreng ($11.90) and Ronald ordered the French Toast ($10.90). While Blythe sips her latte we amuse ourselves with the stash of trashy but fairly current magazines (always a bonus).

Wharfys at Mosman Nasi Goreng
Nasi Goreng ($11.90)

Rose's Nasi Goreng is an upturned bowl shaped mound of dark soy sauce rich rice topped with an egg sunny side up dotted with shredded chicken and some chili sauce on the side. Usually I'm not a big Nasi Goreng eater, finding it a bit too dry but Whary's is lovely and moist and intensely flavoured. I look around and see most other tables have a dish of this and I can see why. The chili gives the rice an extra kick, not that it needs it at all and can definitely be enjoyed sans the fire.

Wharfys at Mosman French Toast
French Toast ($10.90)

Ronald's French Toast is three large slices of eggy toast. Its not bad but if I can be vain, and its awful to say, I prefer my version where I use fruit bread, crumpet bread or chocolate swirl bread as I find plain French toast can be a tad boring without the added flavour. I am however heartened to see real, thick Maple syrup being offered here instead of imitation.

Wharfys at Mosman Fish & Chips
Fish and Chips $13.90

Blythe's Fish and Chips arrive: a long slice of healthy grilled fish amongst a huge plate of crispy fried chips. Both are very good, the chips being particularly golden crispy and its far too big for her to finish. The tartare sauce is beautifully creamy and dipping the golden crunchy chips straight into the tartare, although terribly bad for you, is pure bliss.

Wharfys at Mosman -Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict ($14.50)

My Eggs Benedict, a sunny winner from the start is quickly established as the best dish of the lot. Blythe flings aside her aversion to poached eggs and there is plenty of nodding and appreciative munching. The tangy Hollandaise, which is more like Bernaise (which I much prefer) is generously poured over pneumatic poached eggs sitting atop toasted English muffins. Crispy (but not too crispy so that its hard) bacon sits upon a butter thick slice of toast.

Everyone sighs and those south of the bridge agree, it worth the trip over the bridge for this.


Mosman Ferry Wharf

Shop 3, Avenue Rd

Mosman Sydney

Ph: +61 (02) 9968-3569

Open 7 days

Mon-Fri 7am-2pm

Sat-Sun 7am-4pm

Breakfast served all day

Visa accepted

Wharfys at Mosman Latte
Latte $4

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