Not Quite Nigella wants to hear from you!

Not Quite Nigella wants to hear from you!

So I've been doing the talking for a while and now I'd love to hear back from you! I'd be ever so delighted if you could fill out this 5 minute survey on how to improve NQN which of course comes with an added incentive - the chance to win 1 of 3 Nigella Lawson Living Kitchen aprons worth $80 each! Simply click on the link below and complete the survey and you'll be in the running to win one of these aprons - shipped anywhere in the world!

Not Quite Nigella wants to hear from you!

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Thankyou very much in advance for your help. I hope that it will allow Not Quite Nigella to become a bigger and better place :)

I'd also love to hear from you for another separate reason. A lovely friend, her sister and I are putting together a cookbook project called **Secret Nanna Recipe. **

About the Secret Nanna Recipes Project:

Everyone’s grandmother has one. The pudding she made on special occasions, the soup she made for Easter or the pickles she made after the summer cucumber harvest.

These recipes are not just merely formulas for food. They are the sensory embodiment of our childhood memories, the sweetness in the sorrow of loss, the practical handing down of skills from a mother or even a mother country. In short, they are precious and worth preserving.

We are asking you to join us on a journey back in time.

Please share your grandmother’s recipe with us and we will endeavour to include it, along with a photograph and some words, in our new cookbook, Secret Nanna Recipes.

Furthermore, if you would like to submit your mother’s recipe instead of your grandmother’s, that’s OK too. Some people’s nannas have passed away or simply didn’t cook!

Get Involved

Here’s what we need you to do;

  1. Post or email us the recipe

  2. Post or email us a high res photo of your Nan

  3. Send through 150 words about your Nanna and her recipe.

Email to:  secretnannarecipes[at]gmail[dot]com (replacing the [at] and [dot] with @ and .)

Mail to:  Emma

28 Garners Ave

Marrickville NSW 2204

For the 150 words, please answer one of these questions;

  1. What is your fondest memory of your Nanna?

  2. Tell us about the time of week/year she made this recipe and why? Was it for a religious festival, harvest season of a particular fruit or vegetable, was it a Sunday family ritual?

  3. What was your Nanna’s kitchen like?

  4. What was the best advice she ever gave you?

  5. What did she teach you about cooking?

Deadline: Tuesday June 30th, 2009

Note: 5% of the profits from the sale of the Secret Nanna Recipe cookbook will go to Meals on Wheels

Lots of love,



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