To Market, To Market, March 2010

Oh me oh my! For a moment there I almost titled this 2009. To be in March and still be writing 2009 is a lapse indeed. Anyway Dear Readers, I have a fabulous line up of goodies in this month's To Market, To Market giveaway!

So the lovely people at these companies also agreed to send out a pack of these items to some lucky Not Quite Nigella readers so that you too can sample their goodies instead of just reading about them!

Just leave a comment at the end of the story telling me which product you’d like to try and why. I’m very sorry overseas lovelies but these can only be posted within Australia. The giveaway ends on the 14th of March


Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Lowan: Elle H., Edward S. and Roz M.

Atticus & Max: Marg R, Danielle Mc., Jacqui L. & Jane J.

Indy & The Ninja: Kate R., Cindy E. & Jade T.

Baker's Delight: Kristy S., Kelley H., Laura G., Christine Y. & Rebecca W.

Baileys: Liv S. & Bree A.

Lindt: Kelly C & Amy Z.

Arcon: Lei L & Alyce Y.

lowan cereal

**Lowan cereal

OK I am not a huge untoasted muesli fan but this Lowan cereal is a mix of toasted and untoasted muesli. I liked it best when made into a Bircher muesli as it has lots of yummy fruit that plumps up when soaked overnight. It comes in three flavours: Berry Bliss, Apple & Cinnamon and Nut Crunch.

Thanks to Lowan, four lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a pack containing a 500gram pack of the Berry Bliss, Apple & Cinnamon and Nut Crunch cereals!

atticus max

Atticus & Max

****I do love a good relish as you may know and I was quite smitten with the Atticus and Max Tomato Relish which comes in a big jar. It needs to be though as you will go through it very quickly as it's very versatile and can be used with so many different items. I met Ben and his wife Eliana at a launch and they're nice people too (hey that counts!).

Thanks to Atticus & Max, four lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a  jar of Atticus & Max Tomato Relish!

indy ninja

Indy & the Ninja

NQN reader Samantha is the face behind Indy and the Ninja's adorable hair clips or "Kanzashi for Cuties"! For your inner girly girl or your little girl these adorable cake themed snap clips are individual depending on the fabrics that Samantha has on hand and she will assemble them just for NQN readers :)

Thanks to Indy & The Ninja three lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a cake hair clip set consisting of a rosette and hair flower in each set!

bakers delight

Bakers Delight

The Easter Bunny is getting closer and closely followed by the bunny is the Easter Bun Monster who is the normal person that transforms into an Eater Bun eating machine and consumes them like Easter is going out of fashion. I speak from experience, of course. Feed your inner Easter Bun Monster with these Baker's Delight Easter buns!

Thanks to Bakers Delight, five lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a $10 voucher to try some Baker's Delight Easter buns!



It's a rare person that doesn't love creamy, smooth Baileys and I admit to drinking it on more than one occasion. When I received some Baileys it came with an adorable Bailey's cupcake which I promptly scoffed greedily. I then promptly looked for other ways to use up my precious bottle!

Thanks to Baileys, two lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a 700ml original bottle of Baileys (proof of age required)!

lindt essence


I'll admit I got a bit giddy with delight when the courier delivered four boxes of the new Lindt Essence Chocolate with each box containing 6 bags of Lindt Essence chocolate. Yes that's right, four of my very own store display box of Lindt Essence chocolate. These are individually wrapped chocolates that come in two varieties: milk chocolate with a liquidey caramel filling and a dark chocolate ones with the same oozy caramel filling (there is also an assorted packet that comes with raspberry, mint & Caramel flavour). I thought about it and decided that the best way to still keep fitting into my clothes would be to give two of these boxes away and so you too can play chocolate shop with these delicious chocolates.

Thanks to Lindt, two lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a box containing 6x 150gram packets of Lindt Essence Chocolate!

arcon set


I've often said that if I weren't blogging about food I'd be blogging about fashion or beauty as they run a close second for me. So Dear Readers, I also have a lovely non food product for you. Arcon shampoo, conditioner, hair supplements and hair silk are good for people with fine hair (me!) and helps to grow thick, luscious hair.

Thanks to Arcon, two lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a sampler pack of  Arcon worth $129 each!

So readers, leave a comment as to which item you’d like to try and why and you could be receiving it in the mail! Thanks again to these generous brands  Lowan, Atticus & Max, Indy & The Ninja, Bailey's, Baker's Delight, Lindt and Arcon  for providing prizes.

Best of luck and enjoy!

Lots of love,



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