To Market To Market, December 2011

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My darling readers, are you as exhausted as I am? Crazy doing the Christmas shopping in an effort to make Christmas dinner special? Well allow me to don an elf outfit and help you out a little bit as I introduce you to the things that I've been sent over the last few months that I love. The lovely people at these companies agreed to send out a pack of these items to some lucky Not Quite Nigella readers so that you too can sample their goodies instead of just reading about them!

Just leave a comment at the end of the story telling me which product you’d like to try and why. I’m very sorry overseas lovelies but these can only be posted within Australia. The giveaway ends at Midnight AEST on the 17th of December. And one important thing, I will announce the winners here on this story on the 18th of December and post the winner’s names. Now the difference is that it is up to you to contact me (the reason why doing these have been such headaches is chasing people’s details). So come back on the 18th and look for your name and who knows, you may have won something delicious! If you contact me quickly, you could be feasting on your selection for Christmas!

Endeavour Vintage Beer

To Market To Market, December 2011

Ask hubby his favourite beer and he will answer Endeavour. The first time we tried it amongst friends the most hard bitten, critical mate of his declared that it was his new favourite beer. But don't just trust the opinion of these two guys, it has also collected up a slew of awards this last two years. There are two types of beer, the reserve pale ale and the reserve amber ale.

Thanks to Endeavour Beer, five lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a mixed pack of four beers!

Game Farm

To Market To Market, December 2011

If you want something a bit special and fancy this Christmas (because let's face it not all of you suffer from the enormous family syndrome that afflicts many of us) quail is a gorgeous game meat option! For those that don't like the bones in quail, Game Farm sell quail fillets ready to cook. Game Farm are based in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW and specialise in game birds. They breed Japanese quail as well as spatchcock, duck and corn fed chicken. I used their spatchcock when I made  my brick birds and it was lovely and tender.

Thanks to Game Farm, three lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a pack containing Game Farm quail breasts, quail eggs and a recipe book! Due to the fact that the quail needs to be refrigerated, delivery is within the Sydney metropolitan area only.

King Island Dairy

To Market To Market, December 2011

Sometimes when I get a delivery I get so excited that I do a happy dance. This is one of those instances. I mean how often are you delivered a massive piece of beautiful King Island Dairy Neatherby Blue Cheese? It's a very anticipated cheese and is an unusual blue cheddar cheese which a lovely orange shade from the use of South American annatto bean. It is so highly anticipated because they only make this when the conditions are absolutely perfect and it hasn't been seen on shelves for two years! And you might be able to see that I was unable to resist trying some before the photo was taken-oops!

Thanks to King Island Cheese, two lucky winners will win a King Island Dairy cooler bag, a large wedge of Netherby Blue, a King Island Dairy cheese knife, crackers and quince paste and a King Island Dairy apron! Due to the fact that the cheese need to be refrigerated, delivery is on December 22 ONLY in the Melbourne metropolitan during business hours. Winners must contact me by the 21st of December to provide a delivery address for that date.

** Mr Beak's Sausages**

To Market To Market, December 2011

Let me guess what we're all going to be doing a lot of these holidays? Barbecues! Well that is, if the weather cooperates (coldest Summer ever!). I love sausages but I only buy onees that are high in meat rather than water or filler. And Mr Beaks' sausages are handmade in small batches and have 90% beef in them, are gluten and MSG free with no artificial flavours or colours so they're full of the good stuff! They come in flavours like smoky chorizo, original beef and spicy salsa!

Thanks to Mr Beak's, two lucky winners will win a pack containing six packets of sausages (two of each variety), an apron and a cap! Due to the fact that the sausages need to be refrigerated, delivery is to readers in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Five:am Organic Yogurt

To Market To Market, December 2011

Usually Mr NQN gets yogurt all to himself. Unless of course it is thick and creamy yogurt in which case, all bets are off. Five: am yogurt is a new yogurt on the market that is fabulously creamy but also free of herbicides, pesticides, hormones, gluten, gelatin, preservatives, starches, artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers and sweeteners! It comes in six delicious flavours including vanilla bean, honey & cinnamon, low fat mango and Greek style. And it was invented by a surfer and yogi no less and housed in recyclable and reusable containers!  Plus of course, and really, this is the most important thing, it tastes divine.

Thanks to five: am organic yogurt, five lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a $20 Woolworths voucher so that you can try some five:am yogurt! The yogurt is available in all states but Tasmania and W.A.

The Stock Merchant Old Fashioned Gravy

To Market To Market, December 2011

What's one of the best parts of a roast meal? If you answered the gravy then know that we could really be fast friends ;) I'm not sure about you but I've never been able to get that powder to work for me and when I use it, gravy just tastes of burnt to me. But this is not only an old fashioned gravy that you just have to heat up, but the Stock Merchant only use free range bones from Glenloth chickens in Victoria in their stocks and gravies. The gravy (which has just launched) is also gluten free without any of those E numbers and when you see the ingredient list it reads just like if you had made it at home yourself with quality, real ingredients.

Thanks to The Stock Merchant, ten lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive a the Stock Merchant's Old Fashioned Chicken Gravy!

Lindt Passionfruit Intense

To Market To Market, December 2011

No To Market To Market would be complete without chocolate in some delicious way, shape or form. And one of my favourite combinations for chocolate is passionfruit and chocolate. The tanginess of the passionfruit complements the richness of the chocolate in such a perfect way. But as Lindt are masters of flavour (how good is the balance of the sea salt chocolate?) they've also added almonds to this dark chocolate passionfruit bar. Use bars to bribe or coerce favours out of the stubborn or unyeilding or just keep it to yourself!

Thanks to Lindt, ten lucky Not Quite Nigella readers will receive two blocks of Lindt Passionfruit Intense!

So readers, leave a comment as to which item you’d like to try and why and you could be receiving it in the mail! Thanks again to these generous brands Endeavour Beer, Game Farm, King Island Dairy, Mr Beaks, five:am Organic Yogurt, The Stock Merchant and Lindt for providing prizes. And don't forget to check back on the 18th of December to see if you've won a prize! ;)

The winners are:

Endeavour Beer:

15 Angela

20 The Littlest Anchovy

54 Peter

81 Lauren

88 Kathy Nolan

Game Farm (winners must have a delivery address within the Sydney metropolitan area):

45 Melloomoo

55 Paul

85 Andy

King Island Dairy (winners must have a delivery address within the Melbourne metropolitan area and be able to accept delivery during work hours on the 22nd of December only):

75 Carl

93 Marg

Mr Beaks  (winners must have a delivery address within the Sydney metropolitan area):

27 Paquita

30 Andrew McKinnon

Five:am yogurt

7 Annie

13 Fiona

28 Anna

73 EHA

130 Jody J.

** The Stock Merchant Gravy**

2 Miss Kimbers

23 Megadrama

26 Kristy

34 InTolerant Chef

41 Wendy

52 David

53 Claire

56 Heidi

57 Elise

101 Clare W.

Lindt Passionfruit Intense

5 Daisy

18 Amy D.

29 Merryl

33 Zoe

43 Phunk

48 Kylie

71 Naz

82 Charlie

84 Pip

97 Bec

Winners, please contact me on the email address that you used to enter the competition. My email address is info [at] notquitenigella [dot] com replacing the “at” and “dot” with the appropriate characters. Prizes will be held for a period of 30 days until the 20th of January and after that time they will be forfeited.

Merry Christmas! :)

Lots of love,



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