Halloween Bloody Brain Shots Recipe

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This is such a seriously brilliant and brain like Halloween cocktail idea. I got this idea from fellow Halloween afficianado Not Martha who originally saw this recipe on Folkinz. I was amazed at how ingenious it was and used the curdling effect of lime on Baileys. I'm sure this is not what the Baileys people had intended for use of their creme liqueur but I have to say that it works beautifully. I also used the vodka and cranberry and vodka and blood orange that Smirnoff sent me in a cask no less. I used  a little syringe to add to the effect but according to the people at Folkinz the same effect can be had with a straw.

Bloody Brain Shots

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Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 0 minutes

  • 2 parts Smirnoff Vodka and Cranberry or Vodka and Blood Orange

  • 1 part lime juice

  • 1 small bottle of Baileys

Step 1 - Mix vodka and cranberry or vodka and blood orange with the lime juice and pour into shot glasses. Using a pipette, small syringe or straw, slowly drop small amount of Baileys into the shot glass to form a brain. It may gather and collect at the bottom of the glass but for the best effect place the droplets of the Baileys towards the edge of a glass. Using a spoon you can gently dislodge it from the bottom and the "brain" will float to the top! Watch your friends grimace and gag at how accurately brainy it looks.

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