Top 5 EASY Halloween Recipes!

Top 5 EASY Halloween Recipes

Want some easy Halloween recipes? You've come to the right place! 2021 and 2020 have been their own horror shows so if you want to join in on the Halloween fun in a very low key way (because really who has the energy?) take a look at these 5 easy Halloween recipes. These are super fun but effective and easy to do and require only a few ingredients and not a lot of time!

1 - Candy Corn Fruit Kebabs

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Top 5 EASY Halloween Recipes

Candy corn is a Halloween staple and can be hard to find in Australia and honestly once you try it you may wonder what all the fuss is all about (I was underwhelmed but I get that it's nostalgic and cute). Try these much tastier candy corn fruit kebabs instead made with rockmelon, pineapple and banana!

2 - "Maggot" Infested Potato Salad

Top 5 EASY Halloween Recipes

OK so this looks gross but it's so tasty and such an easy way to Halloween-ify a recipe! Maggots are simply puffed rice that you sprinkle on top of your favourite potato salad!

3 - Pumpkin Patch Strawberries

Top 5 EASY Halloween Recipes

These pumpkin patch strawberries are simply chocolate dipped strawberries that are coated in orange couverture white chocolate! Fresh mint tops off the look! They are so easy and effective!

4 - Monster Marshmallows

Top 5 EASY Halloween Recipes

These are a great Halloween project with kids and just require four ingredients: giant marshmallows (readily available at the supermarket nowadays), chocolate, coconut oil and bone candy!

5 - Meringue Bones

Top 5 EASY Halloween Recipes

Look at dem bones! These meringue bones are so much fun to make and a low key easy Halloween item that you can make a couple of weeks ahead of time to save on stress during the day!

So tell me Dear Reader, which easy Halloween idea did you like the best?

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