Top 5 Halloween Easy Kid Friendly Recipe Ideas!


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1 - Monster Marshmallows

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Top 5 Halloween Easy Recipe Ideas

You will not find an easier Halloween food treat than these monster marshmallows - plus adding chocolate to marshmallows makes them taste even better! Just melt chocolate and dip one end into the chocolate for the head and then draw eyes and a scar and there you have it - Frankenstein's monster!

2- Mummy Poppers

Top 5 Halloween Easy Recipe Ideas

I LOVED these mummy poppers. They're jalapenos split in half and filled with cream cheese and then wrapped in shortcrust pastry! And just try and stop at one!

3 - Scary Sandwiches

Top 5 Halloween Easy Recipe Ideas

I made these scary sandwiches for Mr NQN's lunch during the week leading up to Halloween and every day his colleagues would ask to see the pattern on each sandwich bag. They're a fun idea-my favourite is the cockroach one which scared a few people!

4 - Creepy Crepes

Top 5 Halloween Easy Recipe Ideas

Make a pile high of these creepy crepes with a Jack Skellington pattern on top. All you need is some licorice and making Jack's face is so easy!

5 - Scary Mummy Hot Dogs

Top 5 Halloween Easy Recipe Ideas

These are hands down one of the most effective and fun Halloween ideas that delight both kids and adults! Plus now that you can buy pizza dough from the supermarket they're even easier-just slice, wrap and bake these scary mummy dogs!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite easy treat from the above? Or do you have a fun, easy Halloween treat that you like to make?