Top 5 Halloween Themed Cupcakes!

Top 5 Halloween Themed Cupcakes

Happy Halloween Dear Ghouls for this weekend! If you're after some cute and creepy Halloween cupcake ideas here are the top 5 Spooky Cupcakes! They range from super easy to a bit more challenging. So turn your oven on and get baking and scaring with these frighteningly cute cupcakes!

1 - Jack Skellington Cupcakes

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Top 5 Halloween Themed Cupcakes

Oh lordy be these Jack Skellington Cupcakes are fun to decorate. They're also easy too and have a simple topping of rolled fondant and cut out licorice! It's so easy to make these Jack Skellington cupcakes look good!

2 -Blood Clot and Brain Cupcakes

Top 5 Halloween Themed Cupcakes

I made these blood clot and brain cupcakes a long time ago for Friday the 13th but they are also perfect for Halloween. They also make me smile every time I see them. The brain is actually delicious buttercream tinted grey pink and the blood clots are just strawberry jam!

3 -Werewolf Cupcakes

Top 5 Halloween Themed Cupcakes

These cupcakes look hard but honestly once you have the correct piping tip they're so easy as the tip does all of the work! You use m&ms, fruit leather and marshmallows to make these scary howling werewolf cupcakes!

4 -Melting Witch Cupcakes

Top 5 Halloween Themed Cupcakes

You can have witch cupcakes sure but what about melting witch cupcakes! These are lime and aniseed flavoured cupcakes that I swear are delicious (and I'm even a licorice lover) and the witches and their outfit are made using edible fondant!

5 -Black Crow Cupcakes

Top 5 Halloween Themed Cupcakes

Every year I buy a new batch of black fondant for Halloween because I know that I'll need it. These are black crow cupcakes that look like they're picking at bloodied flesh. Hmm now that I say this out loud I can see why people find my love of Halloween odd...

So tell me Dear Reader, are you making or doing anything special for Halloween this weekend?

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