Top 5 Viral Halloween Recipes

Top 5 Viral Halloween Recipes

When I say the Top 5 Viral Halloween recipes I don't mean an actual virus (haven't we had enough of those?). I mean Halloween recipes that have gone viral! These 5 recipes have a following all of their own and are some of my most copied and replicated Halloween recipes. See why and see how to make them for yourself at home!

1 - Rhubarb Eye Pies

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Top 5 Viral Halloween Recipes

Every year I get so happy when people tag me on these rhubarb eye pies. It gives me a thrill because everyone does a great job with these and while they look like they might be complicated they're not at all! I have a step by step tutorial to make these that is so easy to follow.

2 - Black Velvet Cake

Top 5 Viral Halloween Recipes

This black velvet cake is a riff on the classic red velvet cake. This rich, moist cake is smothered in pitch black buttercream and has a similarly dark as the night interior thanks to one simple ingredient! If you love rich, chocolate cakes then this one is for you.

3 - Creepy Face Pie

Top 5 Viral Halloween Recipes

This creepy face pie was inspired by some gruesome latex faces that an artist made. They are the sort of thing that looks great no matter what skill level you have because it's supposed to look beaten up and a bit bloody so the messier the better. This pie also became a meme and was shared by actor Ryan Phillippe!

4 - Zombie Cookies

Top 5 Viral Halloween Recipes

These zombie cookies started their life as a gingerbread human cookie. I love that you can ghoulify something without buying a special cutter for it. Design these to your heart's content - base them on a zombified version of friends or family!

5 - Hogwarts Cake

Top 5 Viral Halloween Recipes

Now I'm not suggesting that you make a Hogwarts gingerbread castle from scratch. While the above 4 items are totally doable this last one does take time, patience and a dash of madness too. But if you really want to wow your guests then bake this replica of Hogwarts that is entirely edible from the turrets to the walls to the crumbling foundation and moss made out of cake!

So tell me Dear Reader, which one would you make? And which one would wow you?

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