Top 5 Gruesome Halloween Food Ideas!


Top 5 Gruesome Halloween Food Ideas

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1 - Creepy Eye Pies

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Top 5 Gruesome Halloween Food Ideas

I created these creepy eye pies for Friday the 13th because on this date even the pies have eyes! A vanilla scented rhubarb tart is given a creepy twist with the easiest Halloween friendly decoration!

2 - Gruesome Human Candy Teeth

Top 5 Gruesome Halloween Food Ideas

I don't know what possesses me sometimes to make the things that I do but one day I woke up and wanted to make marzipan teeth. In this post I show you how to make your very own silicon mould to cast your own teeth so they are easy to shape. Then we paint and glaze them to look as realistic as possible!

3 - Scar and Stiches Brownies

Top 5 Gruesome Halloween Food Ideas

While I love baking, it's the gruesome decorating that I like the most. And with Halloween it doesn't matter if you're messy or mess things up, because ugly rules in Halloween! Just take a look at these stitches (made of royal icing) and scars on the flesh topped brownies!

4 - Corpse Pie

Top 5 Gruesome Halloween Food Ideas

You know that you've made it when actor Ryan Phillippe Instagrams your creation (sadly without credit!). This corpse pie (unknowingly) has shades of the Golden State Killer and shades of just plain scariness and is one of the most copied Halloween recipes of mine!

5 - Blood Clot and Brain Cupcakes

Top 5 Gruesome Halloween Food Ideas

I think this Blood Clot and Brain cupcakes recipe really kickstarted my love for making truly gruesome things. The reason why these are so popular is because they're easy to make. The brain is just buttercream piped in a pattern while the blood clots are jam! Perfectly harmless really!

So tell me Dear Reader, which item did you find the most gruesome?