Metaxi Mas, Redfern

Metaxi Mas Redfern

"You haven't touched your drink" he says smiling. He slides a home made chocolate down next to me. I'm waiting for my friend and hairdresser Elly to arrive and I've ordered an iced latte on this very hot summer's day in Sydney. I regard the chocolate, it's a Christmas bauble rendered in dark chocolate.

Metaxi Mas Redfern

Opened five years ago, Metaxi Mas means "Between us" in Greek. It's a deli and cafe where homestyle food in large portions is served. Elly works next door and a couple of weeks ago when I visited, she ordered me a chai we went next door to pick it up. Peter and his wife Angela slipped Elly a sandwich he had made her just because. There are no hatted chefs making life changes or any hipsters making coffee here, it's just wholesome, homestyle cafe food.

Metaxi Mas Redfern

Angela makes everything herself from the pastries and sweets like bougatsa, strudel and Greek Delight. Greek products like honey, soft drinks and yogurt line the shelves and displays. Their daughter an Aphrodite-come-to-life (her name actually is Aphrodite) tends to the floor. We ask for her recommendations as the all day breakfast sounds tempting but the hot weather just calls for salad.

Metaxi Mas Redfern
Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast Open Plate $17

The four pieces of tender chicken are marinated in herbs and have a good flavour. They are accompanied with a Greek salad with chunks of sweet tomato, black olives, cucumber, onion and rocket. There's a dab of delicious aioli and a slice of Turkish and wholemeal toast, a slice of grilled halloumi and oregano seasoned potatoes. It is fresh and wholesome and just the ticket for the weather.

Metaxi Mas Redfern
Four Grilled home made meatballs $15

The beef mince meatballs are dense with a crunchy crust and soft interior. They're served with a similar Greek salad and the two types of bread but with a tzatziki instead of an aioli.

Metaxi Mas Redfern
Why hello stranger!

Metaxi Mas Redfern
Apple strudel $4.50

The apple strudel was absolutely full of apple with a beautifully crunchy, flakey crust on the outside coated with a generous dusting of icing sugar.

Metaxi Mas Redfern
Greek Delight $2.50

The Greek delight delights in the way that that sweet, rose flavoured confection that sticks your teeth together can only do. It's the perfect way to finish a meal off, a sweet bite and a catch up with a friend before the madness of Christmas drags us away in our respective directions.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you go to the same cafes regularly or do you like to try new cafes?

This meal was independently paid for.

Metaxi Mas

668 Bourke Street, Redfern, NSW
Tel: +61 02 9319 4286 Open 7 days, cash only

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