Get Baked At Tini Artisan Bakehouse, Chippendale

Tini Artisan Bakehouse, Chippendale

Tini Artisan Bakehouse is a new croissant bakehouse on Chippendale's Kensington Street. Part of the Koi family this tiny shop the shop offers croissants in flavours like matcha and rose, raspberry and lychee and truffle.

Tini Artisan Bakehouse, Chippendale

We're visiting Tini on Father's day so much of the stock has sold out. The staff aren't able to tell me much about the croissants themselves like what sort of butter is used but they tell me that they are baked in house off site.

Tini Artisan Bakehouse, Chippendale

We buy three croissants, a bread and butter croissant pudding and a couple of coffees which adds up to about $55. I bypass the ham and cheese croissant as there isn't bechamel inside (a must in a ham and cheese croissant for me) but ordinarily I would go for this as its my favourite type of croissant. Everything is given in takeaway containers even if you are eating in at one of the three outside tables. They freshly fill the croissants and then bring them out to us. The chai latte is nice - strong in ginger and clove.

Tini Artisan Bakehouse, Chippendale
Truffle croissant $18

Onto the pastries! The truffle croissant has a praline filling and then is topped with salted caramel cream with shaved NSW truffles on top. It's pleasant but the praline filling doesn't really bring out the flavour of the truffle or make the most of the ingredient.

Also the croissant itself isn't as crisp, it's actually quite soft in texture. I think I was hoping for something of the quality of Lune/Agathe/Rollers which are all superb croissants at their very base. I also find croissants in Sydney are a challenge because of our comparatively humid weather and once they're baked they need to be eaten otherwise they draw in moisture and this affects their texture.

Tini Artisan Bakehouse, Chippendale
Raspberry and Lychee croissant $12

The Ispahan inspired raspberry and lychee has a raspberry custard with freeze dried lychees and to their credit they are freshly filled. The crunch comes more from the freeze dried lychees than the croissants themselves.

Tini Artisan Bakehouse, Chippendale
Matcha Croissant $12

Out of the croissants perhaps the matcha is my favourite as it has a generous filling of rose infused matcha cremeaux and a pretty decoration of dried rose petals and matcha crumble. The custard itself is good and strong in matcha.

Tini Artisan Bakehouse, Chippendale
Bread and Butter Pudding $7

My favourite pastry is probably the bread and butter pudding as you do expect the texture to be a bit softer because it is a pudding. There are sultanas and a sweet glaze on top. I like this warmed up in my oven at home.

So tell me Dear Reader who makes the best croissants that you have ever tasted? Which croissant do you think you'd like the most?

This meal was independently paid for.

Tini Artisan Bakehouse, Chippendale

Tini Artisan Bakehouse

22 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008
Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday 8am–4pm

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